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Oh I *hate* being so fidgety!
Things on my list of ‘to do’ that keep circling in my mind as I sit at my desk with next to nothing to preoccupy me from work and no ability to continue reading manuscripts with any focus:
1) Get banking taken care of
2) Get dogs walked
3) Get home, get truck packed, get out of town!
4) Get bias tape sewn down on border of “Project X” for this weekend (for those coming to Corona, you can feel free to help once I get it set up on Saturday! *grin*)
5) Get floral/foliage garland set up as prize for Tross Olympics
6) Talk to French about use of their space
7) Help coordinate the running of the Tross Olympics
8) Survive flag tearing ceremony without getting teary eyed (never works)
9) Coordinate getting truck on site on Sunday and get canon into truck with no one dying
10) Get canon home in one piece (and the rest of the car of folks as well)
11) Get up early on Monday so I can leave work early for doctors appointment while still going to gym at lunch for first four-days-at-the-gym week in my new workout cycle
12) Start work on Powerpoint/Handouts/Time Off for ‘Historical Food’ workshop I am hosting in SF for Tonda (in July – but I have to get EVERYTHING together for this including test bakes of food samples)
Somewhere in there I would like to celebrate my B-Day (this last Wednesday), have fun with my friends at faire, and talk my hubby into going to Fort Mac. *argh*
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I will be working on patterns at home tonight – so no knitting class for me! Just an FYI since I know that

[profile] dragonwoman and  [profile] sstormwatch has said they might want to attend.  I do plan on going to bug Meg next week about fingerloop braiding…
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The investigation begins: I know that several folks who are readers of this journal are also current/former members of the SCA. I have been on a number of ‘SCA’ involved lists (including the GermanRenCostume list) for years – and have been impressed by the level of research and dedication I find in some of the folks involved there.


So the question is: What are the benefits of joining?


I am very interested in medieval/Early Modern crafts and I suspect I would be able to get a good amount of interaction/input/craft buddy time as a SCA member. I understand that membership ‘requirements’ (participation and whatnot) are pretty much at-your-own-pace. I am pretty darn sure that I can reenact my German persona there.


The hitch is this: I have done ‘RenFaire’ for years and am not in love with the whole ‘anachronism’ thing. Obviously there is a wide range of accuracy involved in SCA groups (as there is with RenFaire).


So - Is the balance worth it?


If I am interested, step two would be getting hubby to show up and not snark at the weapons folks: He can be very personable, but I don’t know how he’ll feel about the rules interpretations vs. historical texts on fighting. Anyone have a fighter husband/S.O. who could hand down some thought on this?

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As a precursor – I would like to remind everyone that my memory banks ain’t all that hot. So I will probably mix and match information here. )
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OK, I have a few techniques I am planning on testing out and I am going to document them here for others who might find them interesting. They have to do with the making, binding and filling (use) of point holes for the 16th century.

The scope of the project should be worked out before the first weekend in April (when I plan on my husband using his new Waffenrock with these items in place on it), for the School of the Renaissance Soldier.

Project #1: Point holes reinforced with metal rings ala the examples in Janet Arnold.

Project #2: Point lacings made of lucet cord

Project #3: Point lacing made of fingerlooped braids.

Project #4: Point lacings made of linen (via my new ¼” bias tape maker).

Updates as I make progress…. The Waffenrock should be ready for me to place points on by sometime next week...


Completed 'test holes' in sample fabric work up. Sample fabrics used match the liner and wool outer that are being used on my husbands new Waffenrock: That means two layers of medium weigh canvas and two layers of light weight wool had holes put thru them. A picture of all materials used is included below. These include the sample fabric, a tailors awl, a #4 (5/32") leather hole punch & a variety of copper and alloy 'jump washers' that I flattened using a pair of needle nosed pliers - washer sizes #8-#10.


Discovered that I like the punched holes more (*duh* the threads are no longer there to crowd back in to the voided space - making the sewing much easier), but that the tailors awl holes were almost identical in size so long as I worked them *with the awl in place* to hold the shape until the threads were in place to retain the shape of the opening. The awl also worked well for holding the metal backing ring in place while I did my sewing...hummmmm So, I guess I really don't know which technique - punch or awl - that I will use on my final product. *shrug* I don't have to make a decision 'right now'. *chuckle*

Photos of finished hole included, with close up of metal backing ring in place - this is taken from the 'back side/inside' of the fabric.  Please forgive my late-night-tried-after-sewing-all-day stitch technique. *grin*


Need new photo of finished hole - this first one was too dark...

I will be taking my test fabric to Meg's tomorrow so that I have sample sizes to test my completed points lacings against. With any luck, I will get both lucet and fingerloop braid completed to use as samples.




OK, so I *may* change my mind on this once I get a chance to try fingerloop braiding - but I am pretty sold on lucet cord for points at this time. They are easy to produce - you can make them in multicolor if you want to (still need to learn this technique) and stretchy which would be an advantage when dealing with the points at the back of a man's Hosen/Wams connection. I will upload some photos of my work in progress: Still plan on meeting with Meg again next week to go over finishing the cords and how to do some other styles of laces. I tried four types of fiber: Handspun wool, medium weight wool yarn, embroidery thread and embroidery floss (all six strands). What I learned is this:

Handspun - I need to work on my spinning! *chuckle* Seriously though, I used to think it was soooo cool that I could spin such a fine thread. The only handspun I had to work with was waaaay too thin and wouldn't have held up well. I may still geek out and spin a heavier thread on my walking wheel to lucet and hand dye for points. The thought did wander across my mind that fulling a handspun lucet cord might give a nice stretch while still retaining the overall strength of the fiber. Something to play with later...

Wool yarn - unless you use a *very* small yarn, you are going to get a final cord that is way too big for a point hole. This weight might be good for some other cording applications, but not my points.

Embroidery thread - I think this might work out if my point holes were larger. It comes in a wide variety of colors and is already 'spun' so it would be pretty strong.

Embroidery floss (all six strands used) - this will be what I am using on this project unless something else jumps out at me. The final cord was the right size for my holes; the material comes in a wide variety of colors and has a nice finish and stretch when corded.

Now to get hubby to make his aglets....*grin*





I have been playing with fingerlooping on-and-off for three weeks now. Other than the confusion that comes with interpreting each pattern authors 'take' on explaining the process of their braiding, it is easy and almost mindless once you get into a rhythm.  I have only tried two types of fiber with this cord making technique and here is what I have found:


Wool yarn - This makes some very nice trim work, and can be done (at least in the three loop braid that I know so far) i a manner that produces a flat tape. I love the overall appearance and can't wait to learn more patterns. By far the easiest material to work these projects in - forgiving on the fingers and easy to 'untangle' when necessary. WINNER!

Embroidery floss - This makes a nice, tight cord for lacing (it looks a lot like the four strand braids when done, but easier to do!), and can come out nicely when done in three loop pattern with more than one color. However, it is murder on the fingers! I will learn to endure it because I think I am going to make hubby a brown and red set of points for his Waff (to replace the red only lucet ones that he is using now) - I really like the final product!


All in all, I should learn to just listen to

[livejournal.com profile] jillwheezulwhen she tells me that I "should just use fingerloop braids for points". *chuckle* But then I wouldn't have had a much fun!
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Lots going on over the next two days 'off': Farmers Market - Doggie Park - Fabric and Leather shop trips - then project, project, project! At some point in there, I am sneaking cookies to [livejournal.com profile] gryphonlsb in celebration of him being such a good friend (deal with it buddy, you're getting the cookies!). I also hope to get thru some of our NetFlix and while working on handsewing items. We have at least one movie that has been languishing on top of our TV for far too long...

Two weekends of 'free time', then three weekends of friends visiting (*w00t!*) and out of town activities (DRINK UP, IT'S EASTER!), then our first event of the season (School of the Renaissance Soldier). So much to do between now and then!

In the meantime, need to settle down and start tonights sewing while [livejournal.com profile] dragonwoman cuts out her bodice...

Speaking of sewing projects: [livejournal.com profile] bedpimp! I am calling you out! When are you coming over to get your pattering done?!?
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Boys and Girls – the moral of this story is: If a nice lady makes you a handsome piece of clothing *for free* and takes the time to hand-sew it for you to boot, don’t trash it and then give it back to them for repairs.

Case In Point... )
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It is that time of year when people start to say, "Oh crap....faire starts WHEN!?!" and it seems that I am in the thick of it this season. No, I am not in charge of a Guild, not trying to set up an event or even help someone else do so.

I am sewing.

Every night there is hand sewing to do on the hubby's new Waffenrock (he reminds me that I am the one who decided that the 'broken branch' trim 'Rock would be cool...) and when that is done there will be a new set of Hosen/Wams for him that I need to start on, plus the set up to re-embroider two large sections of tapestry fabric in order to 'dress it up' in a more handmade sort of way. Thank GOD I have crazy friends to assist with *that* project - I love you Tonda and Jess!

So, all in all it will be awhile before I am out of projects.

The long list:
Hosen/Wams - simple versions
Hosen/Wams - 'little lord Fauntlaroi' version
Kleid - simple version
Kleid - fancy squirrels version
Schaub for him
Schaub for me

Oh - and I want to make some hats at some point....*grin*

In the midst of this, I have four or five friends who are asking for various amounts of assistance with their garb. Damn, when I told the universe that I wanted to get back to my sewing projects it took me SERIOUSLY! Just a reminder to those friends - being able to bitch a little about the amount of work I am doing is more than half the fun for me! *chuckle*

See you guys soon! 

EDIT: As a clarification - This isn't all going to get done for the first event of the season! Right now I am focusing on getting Chris' Waff done and getting our friends assisted with their gear. After that the rest of this will be plucked away at slowly...
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...with projects/events for the next couple of months.

Thursday night we are heading over to M&S's house (could have made that S&M's but thought better of it *evil grin*) for dinner and Thomas Jefferson listening.

Then this next weekend is going to be project central at my house with Operation Clean Up coming thru my neighborhood (read that as - big trash day for all the stuff you can't fit in the garbage can all year long). I have a ton of crap in the back yard that I want to finally get taken care of so that we can start our garden in the spring!

I am also making Baby Slings for S for her baby shower (which T and I are throwing for her). I am a bit bummed that more folks aren't going to be showing up for this event as it's her first baby and all...*harrumph* Then again, the final call for invites went out 'lateish' due to confusion about who all was OK to put on the list.  So, I will be off to shop for fun fleece fabrics for 2-3 slings http://www.mayawrap.com/n_sewsling.php. I think I may even put a pocket on the tail if I can figure that out easily. At least I got the rings ordered so all I will have to do is slip them on once I get the other sewing out of the way.

**(making invites for Inn)**

Then the following weekend, the BB Shower! Have to figure out some food stuff with T: She's taking care of the games. Thank goodness, I am no good a those since I don't normally do 'straight' baby showers. The last one we threw was for T and was a Halloween Theme with a pregnant cake full of eyeballs....*grin*

That next Monday the new job starts! January 7th is going to be an exciting day with all the stuff I get to learn. Apparently we have a couple of grants that will be due before the end of that month and I get to dive right in...

Then there's Winterfest in Ventura on January 19th and I would *love* to have something new for hubby to wear to it. More sewing!

Then it is the slide into the Inn with all the invites and whatnot needing to be made up and mailed next week so that folks have the necessary info at least a month in advance. I guess that bumps part of this further up the list for working on this weekend... ** (see above)

Sometime in there I want to get up to San Jose with the hubby to see his sister and her boyfriend who are newly moved back from Washington DC: I am blessed with the coolest "family-in-law" on the planet! 

I believe March is 'mostly' free - with the possible exception of an 'all periods' corset workshop sometime in the middle and a wedding that my hubby my be officiating at the end. 

Then April is the School of the Renaissance Soldier...


Maybe I should start planning things a year from now? *oops!* Already doing that with the possible North Fork Siege sometime in 2008/2009.

*rolls eyes*


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