Mar. 25th, 2013

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OK, so maybe Sunday wasn't the 14th day straight in my exercise cycle (since I count Yoga and hiking as exercises - funny that!); but it was the first day in awhile that I can remember actively choosing to DO NOTHING.

It was nice, but TBH I got fidgety by the end. I am way too used to being active...

Friday, March 22nd- Crossfit:
March 22 - Board - Crossfit
The Gym is currently going through a five week cycle of weekend competitions (WOD's) and that means that most Friday's are skills days for working on the stuff they are going to compete in on the following Saturday. It's all good with me, I can use the technique work!

1 Minute WOD (Workout of the Day): 400 M Run - wherein I kicked much ass. 1:15 min. with traffic and a 180 degree turn to deal with. There was only one guy from an earlier class that posted that same time and no one posted faster. Of course, someone may have come in later to beat that time but I think they would have had to work for it so I am happy. *grin*

Skill Day: We worked on each of the following for about 10-15 minutes, focusing on technique and practice.
Double Unders - after success with getting these going on Wednesday of this week, I was back to *sucking* at them on Friday. What gives? Where did my coordination juju go? I even tried doing all the stuff that they recommended in the video I posted about these damn things.  /makes a face
Muscle Ups - my new obsession. This is going to take awhile to perfect, but I know where I need to work. Lots and lots of ring dips...
Rope Climb - Just what it sounds like. Of course, I use both arms and legs on this one but I project zero fear and get all the way to the top and back without incident. :D
KBS - We skipped this one. Not sure if A (the trainer) meant to or not, but we all needed a lot more work with our muscle ups so I think she just chose to focus our time elsewhere.

Cash-Out: Do this series through three times, each exercise in sequence for a total of three sets of each.
Wall Balls (10 reps) - we focused on form and I am getting better and catching the ball on the return and making the whole move continuous. This is the key to speed. Now I just need to work on getting the power flow through from my squat and arms so that I am not just using my upper body to get through the throw.
Toes-to-Bar (TTB) (10 reps) - I used to hate these, and now I sorta like them. Except for the part where my grip strength is poor. :P
Kettle Bell (KB) Pull Overs (10 reps) - 12 kg KB used. modified from the video as follows; there is no 'crunch'. Maintaining your lower back on the floor, lower the KB over your head with straight extended arms and then return to upright position above sternum. Repeat.

Saturday, March 23rd: Yoga, Gardening & Hike

Hatha yoga with Yoga Mary for 1.5 hours followed by an easy 1.5 hours of pulling tall grass out of the back garden by it's roots. Filled an entire garbage can and then some, and looking forward to finishing up with a Roto-tiller this Friday and then planting next week! :D Then I put the dog-o in the new car (his maiden voyage in our Subaru) and took him up the hill for a nice long hike above the lake. Put in about 3.5 miles, but since most of that is uphill I feel like we did a significant amount of walking (even though poor dog-o is mostly couch potato stock these days). He got the whole trip off leash and was exceptionally well behaved and totally exhausted when we got home. I need to take him out more often!

Monday, March 25th: Pub Run!
Going to meeting up with N and the rest of the running crew for 4 miles and a pint! 


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