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My Acid Green Victorian gown (to be) has gobs of buttons on it. Gobs. At this point, these buttons are all going to be made with 'standard' 1/2" to 1" covered button kits.

I know, I know, I am *such* a cheater!

But then I saw this (thank you [livejournal.com profile] pinkdiamond for posting the original eBay auction!):

So...we all know how I love handsewing. And challenges.


I am looking to figure out how to do these buttons: I am guessing that they are some sort of domed wooden form that is pierced through the middle. The form would then be covered in the base fabric (perhaps like this - more details here, although I think the first example may use two gathering threads) and given widely spaced 'spokes with one color floss (yellow in this version). Then a second floss (burgundy here) is used as a webbing over the spokes (basically in this manner). Finally the web could be gathered/covered/shaped but the addition of the yellow star figure, perhaps finished with some sort of central knot. It is also possible that the spokes and star are worked at the same time, with the webbing being introduced afterwards. The whole thing could be finished in this manner.


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I loved this seaside walking dress the moment I laid eyes on it:

So imagine my amusement when I caught sight of it (reproduced in PAPER of all things) at the 'Pulp Fashion' exhibition of Isabelle de Borchgrave exhibit going on currently and the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, Legion of Honor.

*highly amused*
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OK, last Dickens’ update for the day (*I think).

Hair. You know, I don’t have a lot of it – the curls are deceiving because they make it look like I have more mass than I do. Also, not much in the way of length.

So, just like the ladies of the period I turned to false hair.

After some trial-and-error, I managed to make three ‘switches’ and four individual curls. Thank goodness fake hair is cheap!

One of the switches has been braided up, turned back on itself with some stitching and a hair net, and is now my new chignon. The other two are still awaiting their fate (probably as loose braids to be pinned to my head in a variety of fashions).

Next! Hair flowers, ribbons and sparkly bits!

Endless thanks to [livejournal.com profile] claughter713 who provided pictures of her pieces that helped to inspire these!

EDIT: Note to self - curls achieved by wrapping dry hair around perming rod, dunking in boiling water for 45 seconds, then placing on plate in freezer for two hours. Prior attempts did not establish curl (only a slight wave).
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Thankfully, 99.9% of the items that my hubby needs for his Dicken's suit is either already in his closet, or can be easily found online/in the local Mexican Boot Barn ("OMG. You really made boots out of alligator and then dyed them PINK!?!" Eh hem. It must be a cultural thing. And no, those aren't the ones we bought.)

And the cravats? Those are just plain fun!

So, after shopping a few of our favorite thrift shops, we came up with a selection of HIDEOUS and tacky ties just dying for new life. The end results look like this...
Cut to save your eyes and your bandwidth... )

Cut to save your eyes and your bandwidth... )

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Well...pretty much complete. :)

The bonnet, she is finished! There is still the matter of making up the floral decorations (flowers are bought, design is planned, just have to get some floral wire and then we're off to the races) but it is wearable as is and fully finished.

Started the project at 10:30 this morning. Finished about 30 minutes ago.

Sam and Dean kept me company through the whole process. They are such good boys.


Interior is fully finished as well, with gathered silk throughout. I just forgot to take pics of that. *head desk*

Please ignore the hideous and unwashed state of my skin and hair, I clearly did... :P

Ribbon detail over crown, prior to me finishing the hand-tacking of the detail to the fabric ribbon underneath:

Front edge, with knife-pleated, gathered/pinked and lace edges. All stacked on top of each other. Because, I've been told it's all about the excessive trimmings...*chuckle*...


Nov. 11th, 2010 05:00 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] claughter713 , I love you!

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OK, I finally got my act together and took photos of my inspiration images for the dress being made for this years Dickens Festival. I (of course) forgot to note the name of the book that this image comes from. And I fully acknowledge that the original item that this image is taken from falls just outside the acceptable period for the event (it's a 1868 and the cut off is 1865...sue me *makes a face*).

This dress had all the elements I wanted; an elliptical hoop, the vertical 'racing stripes', a high neckline, and fun trim bits (the box pleated ruffle at the back of the skirt is lined in a contrasting fabric - in this case the velvet - and then the boxes are "swagged" down along the top edge to show the contrasting textile).

Cut because I know not everyone gives a fig about this stuff... )


Nov. 4th, 2010 04:03 pm
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Starting to file away images for inspiration. Working on the petticoat and bonnet this weekend...

At some point, I want a real, taxidermied bird for my bonnet. Don't know why, just want.
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Starting to gather resources for my list of needed Dickens accessories. The event starts at the end of November, so I need to get some hustle on ordering bits-and-bobs. If I have things in hand prior to the start of November, I can get to work on the items that need building as soon as we get done with the hubby’s sister’s wedding.

The things I need:

        Form  (less expensive option here, at the end of the page)
        Decoration ideas, and more decoration ideas

        These will match two of the main colors in my garment.  

        Possibly these, although I was originally thinking black...

        Perhaps the least important? Maybe? Thoughts?

Hair pieces
         And wouldn’t you know it, Lynn Masters has a whole series of articles at YWU on just this subject. Thank you CH! *wink*

Hair accessories
           Combs, flowered clips, etc. Instructions on making, places for buying; you got it, I want it.

          Pattern, preferably free/online

          I need to dig out the pairs I have in my cedar chest and see what I can make of them…

          I have a base pair already, just need to make the 'scrunchy fabric bits' to cover the danglies.

 The dress is being constructed by my friend Amy atLegendary Costume Works. In addition to the dress itself, she is also crafting the elliptical hoop that will go with it. The outer garments are all in gooseturd-to-acid green silks and velvets. The unders are all in crimson reds (including a red, Chinese figured silk for the ruffled petticoat.

*does the Giddy-With-Excitement dance*

I am soooo looking forward to this!


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