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Just a preview of the fun that was had...

Click thru link on photo for more images of the weekend...
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Just because I haven’t said it for a little bit…

[livejournal.com profile] claughter713 , why can’t I quit you!?!


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Many thanks to Barry Siler, who posted this information on the SRS list just a few moments ago.

Yes! Even more sources for non-wooden cartridges!

To be honest, I am glad that Dale used a different technique to make ours. I am far happier knowing that ours are not held together with lead solder.

EDIT: Another lovely person from the same list gave this address for purchasing ready-made cartridges.


I can tell you these are much less pricey than the ones that hubby and I got - although I will also say I like ours more... *wink*

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I met Stephen years ago, and have always loved his work. He was out at the SRS event at Camp Tamarancho this past weekend and took the following 'group shot' (which of course I missed being in....*chuckle*):

This is the link to the remainder of his photos from the weekend. Many thank Stephen!

EDIT: FYI - check back in on Stephens site once in awhile, he is still uploading images. :)
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Thursday night - Drinks at Peri's in Marin with Claudia and Tim (we kept Tim up *way* past his bedtime), followed by drinks and smokes on the Laughter patio. Lovely view of downtown Marin and the stars. Last night in a real bed for the weekend!


Friday AM - Breakfast at the local cafe, some last minute shopping (mostly beer and mosquito repellent), attempts were made to pick the three story orange tree from the top (their deck) with limited success. Packed up the vehicles and headed out.

Friday Noon – On site, unpacked and set up in record time in the ‘German Ghetto’ (also known as one of the nicer spots to camp on site).

Friday Afternoon – Dinner, snacks, beer, chatting with friends, making plans for the Tross Olympian Games the following day.

Friday PM – Gambling in the tavern (lured the English in with Gluckhaus and then cleaned them out), drinking in the tavern, late night crawl back up the hill to camp. German’s closed the tavern…out at 2:00 AM or so.


Saturday 6:30 AM – Tried to pretend to not hear the muster drum, failed.

Saturday AM – Eat, enjoy illicit coffee, muster, scout the site as the boys drill, set up for TOG at lunchtime.

Saturday Lunch – Opened the TOG with the ladies who were participating, held ‘Pitcher Holding’ and ‘Schmeckerennen’ events (to the glee of both those participating and the folks watching). Watched the contestants figure out that cheating is half the fun. Evil minions understood immediately. Was pleased!

Saturday Afternoon – Watered the boys, helped arrange for a ‘cavalry charge’ of women with children on piggy-back to take the pike square. The charge was rebuffed. Still think we won. Much picking of wildflowers for hat and hair. Had a good time.

Saturday PM – Dinner of delicious soup, roast beast and homemade blackberry pie (thank you ladies!), more tavern time including a boisterous round of ‘Loot the Soldier’, ‘Uncle Foster’s Story Time’ and a never ending parade of songs and drinking games. The Stiefel was used, but I still don’t think it was officially ‘opened’. Oh….my head!


Sunday 7:30 AM – That drum AGAIN!?! Followed by 30 minutes of loafing and then a mad rush into garb to make it to Services.

Sunday AM – Watering the men, making garland for the TOG winner, eating left over blackberry pie and nursing the German boys with hang-overs. Perhaps making them sit next to the cannon was mean? *evil grin*

Sunday Lunch – ‘Lady Luck’ helped to determine the TOG winner via dice throws on the drum head (thank to the Trummelschlager for the use of his instrument). Victoria managed to throw three sixes in a row…there were threats of calling in the Spanish to deal with her obvious witchcraft. Decided against it.

Kitty won the TOG for 2010 and was crowned; she and the two ‘runners up’ all got pewter pilgrim badges to remember the day by.

Sunday Afternoon – Spent time ooohing over Rachel T’s knit and felted hats. Drank a bit more beer, did a lot of prep packing. Listened to the cannon shot ring out over the hill. When the boys got back to camp we got loaded out, exchanged information with friends about upcoming events, and hit the road by…

Sunday 6:00 PM – On the road home. Sore. Tired. Hung-over. Sunburned. Already wanted to go back and do it again.


With any luck I will be able to scoop up some more photographs to post shortly. You know, ones that actually prove I was there? *chuckle* In the meantime:



EDIT: http://snjacobson.com/SRS2010/ Steven Jacobson's images are up! *w00t!*

Mail Call

Apr. 16th, 2009 08:15 am
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Two packets expected in the mail today; one from Jas Townsend, full of their lovely woolen socks (I really need to learn to knit!) and the other from our friend [livejournal.com profile] amatilda and her hubby (of  Legendary Costume Works) with our leather bandoleers/shot pouches...I have been forwarned that the leather bits are highly '*squeee* worthy' and that I may wish to don a spare set of undies before opening the package....


I finalized the embroidery on the hubby's new shirt last night - he's really worried that it is "too fancy" for a soldier and I had to point out that the embroidery stitch and drawn work were a very simple pattern and didn't scream money. I know he'll be happy to wear it; I just don't want him to be self-conscious about it since he is very concerned with maintaining a 'simple soldier' image. I think the shirt is simple by the standards of the worked shirts of the period, but fancy by the standards of most landsknecht reeneactors. *herm....*

Anywho, once the embroidery was complete I stayed up (until around 1:15 AM) putting the loops on our lean-to/tent tarp for this weekend. It's more of a wind-and-sun block than a tent - but that is all we need!  Hubby had made up the necessary stakes and will be finalizing the uprights today. The whole bundle (including ground cloth and three wool blankets) will be packed into a rough 'back-pack' to be hiked in.

I am really happy with how portable our overall set-up for SRS will be this year!


But I am getting too old for this "no sleep" shit....*grin*

Edit: Peeectures! )


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