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This isn't going to be a long post. For those of you that know, I am a part of the 'Cult of Supernatural Watchers'.

...aka. The Family. aka. Fanfic Addicts Club aka. Those Bat Shit Crazy People Who Seem To Have Lost Touch With Reality...

A couple years back I indoctrinated my sister, [livejournal.com profile] qafhappy, into the Cult. Hey, if I get enough of you there is a *toaster oven* in it for me! :D At any rate, [livejournal.com profile] qafhappy is an old hat at fandom and a fast learner to boot. In no time at all she got me in on the ground floor of the Best Plan Ever. This plan involved her and I, five days, a suite at the Rio, six-packs of beautiful boys (and girls!), and enough liquor to choke a shark.

Like I said. Best. Plan. Ever. ;)

It resulted in moments like:

1) Working out with Matt, who I apparently intimidated with my focus at the gym (which he voluntarily expressed later in the day - since neither of us bugged him at the time we were all sweating and groaning in the gym - sadly not as sexy as it sounds *chuckle*);
2) Getting to tell Jared's mom that she and her husband did an great job of raising a truly amazing human being;
3) Letting Sam, Emily & Julie know that not all fangirls have weird issues with the women on this show (and that some of us REALLY wish that Kim and Sam F could have joined the party as well and have designs on making Creation include them in next years event!);
4) Telling Misha how much all his non-actor antics mean to me (GISHWHES, H2H, etc.) and having him unable to formulate a cohesive response and instead throw his napkin in my drink (which really, made total sense as a reaction from him);
5) Watching Ty dance on a table, and generally getting to see his first SPN Con acted out in living color #Rum&Coke;
6) Watching Sebastian & Ty play the 'Who Can Act More Like An Out Of Control Sex Addict' game (they are both actually lovely, just a little competitive);
7) Enjoying an entire Con featuring a live-and-on-stage band that *every* guest exploited to hilarious advantage (seriously, they will never be able to host a convention without a band again);

Speaking of music. Both karaoke and the Louden Swain concert were awesome. And gave me the opportunity to help make things like this happen:
Rob Crowd Surfs - photo credit Gippywhite
photo credit 'gippywhite' on Instagram

[livejournal.com profile] qafhappy and I were right at the front of the stage and Rob was standing right in front of me with his normal 'Am I Supposed To Be Here, Is Anyone Gonna Notice Me Standing Here' guilt-look on his face (which only disappears when he has his guitar in hand and a mic to sing into). I looked up and put my hands in the air and yelled, "Surf!" He looked both shocked (that I had noticed him there?) and worried (also a normal sort of look for him) and then pointed at his chest with that, "Who...me?" expression. I said, "YES! How many chances are you going to get to do this?!?"

That was it. He turned around and, with one final glance over his shoulder (I suspect to make sure that everyone else was putting their hands up and hadn't secretly parted like the Red Sea behind him) he fell back and we bounced him back a few rows and then managed to get him back to the stage before the less-than-athletic-arms of geekdom dropped him in exhaustion.

As soon as his feet hit the stage he whirled around and BEAMED! grabbed a mic and practically squealed, "That was the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me in my LIFE!"

Yep. Even to a Hollywood guy - cool new life stuff is cool new life stuff.

Glad I got to help with that Rob. Rock on little buddy!

[livejournal.com profile] qafhappy thank you SO MUCH for taking me along on this little venture. Looking forward to next year sis! :D
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Thursday workout was supposed to be 5 miles with the local running group, but since my idiot brain decided to convince me that the run started 30 minutes *later* than it really did I ended up at the gym instead.

So I found out that my gym has free wifi. When combined with an iPad and a treadmill this could be dangerous....

45 minutes/6.5 mph/0 incline later... Run Accomplishment Unlocked! :D

Nothing like a little fear and adrenaline to get you going.

PS: Thank you [livejournal.com profile] harmanhay!
PPS: Damn you Eric Kripke!
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If you don't watch Supernatural, you are not going to understand 95% of this. If you insist on clicking through the cut link anyway here is a brief primer:

1) Sam and Dean are brothers
2) They live on the road, moving from crappy hotel room to crappy hotel room (and hunting/killing evil things along the way)
3) Sam is a research geek
4) Dean is a porn geek (if you read between the lines)
5) It is known that the boys father did some "questionable things" to support his hunting habit when Sam and Dean were young..


I don't think this is what the writers meant by "questionable things"...

Or, "How I Stopped Worrying and Began To Wonder If Matt Cohen Needed The Rent Money"...? )
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[livejournal.com profile] claughter713, I blame YOU for my supernatural unnatural lack of productivity at work this afternoon.

Mostly thanks to this website.

Do you know how hard it is to not laugh out loud on a regular basis, thereby notifying my co-worker as to my lack of co-work at this moment?

Do you?


I anticipate this is the beginning of a long and glorious tradition...


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