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You know how it happens; you're innocently perusing your e-mail from work on a slow day and then WHAM! Sotheby's drops you note that they have a lovely new "Important Old World Master Paintings & Sculptures" auction coming up in New York on the 26th of this month (at 10:00 AM, in case anyone wants to stop by and pick me up a belated Christmas gift....*hint hint*). 

"Sure," you think to yourself, "I'll take a couple of minutes and thumb through their e-catalog. There hasn't been anything interesting in one of these in awhile and it's not like I am going to see anything amazing that simply *must* be made (by someone out there)..."

And that is when they hit you with this... )

In conclusion. I hate you Sotheby's. Damnit. 
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Well, it has been awhile since I found anything I wanted to post images of from my Sotheby's catalogue e-mails. But today's e-catalogue brought some fun images to save and chat about.

For those who are interested... )

For those who are interested... )

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What’s that you say? Hsifeng fell into a magic rabbit hole with no internet connection and couldn’t even send a smoke signal out to the rest of the world to describe her distress?


Well, that would be a lie. In actuality I have been scoping out the interwebz regularly but my overall contributions have slowed to a trickle since my digital camera went spastic on me. *picture is all wavy and warbled and the colors are just baaaad…* No money to fix this at present, and it has put a serious dent in my ‘garden documentation’ process. *le sigh*


Then again, who said photos made for better entries?


(Oh yeah, that was me…)


Also sad to report is the status of my non-garden projects, which is to say “non-existent”. Sewing, painting and whatnot have all been replaced with the first bout of non-historic textbook reading I have had in YEARS (*shakes fist in the air* “Damn you Bernard Cornwell!”), lots of friends popping into the oven of the Central Valley for visits (*waves at these braves souls* “We love seeing you guys!”), and general apathy for moving anywhere apace due to heat and stagnation.


But at least the garden is still going well! *grin*


Anyway! I’m back, no garden photos, but a number of….”Wow, that’s cool!” shots stolen from various auction houses – thank you Sotheby’s and Christie’s!



Enjoy! )
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I got the latest Sotheby's auction link yesterday and did my normal "image pyrate" cut-n-paste-n-pillage on the painting it offers for sale. Out of the reams of images, I found only two that really piqued my interest, and one of them is promting this post.

What the hell is this white stuff anyway? )
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I finally got a chance to review the items in this Sotheby’s catalogue: There are a lot of great majolica ware and a few great bronze pieces as well. Enjoy the zoom feature!


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