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My teacher is pretty sure that there won't be any chance of a German II course next semester: There aren’t enough enrollments to warrant the school paying for the class. Having looked into the cost of taking the next courses at CSU, Fresno (*YIPES*), it looks like I am going to have to do this on my own – which has it’s upside and its downside.


Upside, I can study at home, at my own pace (generally fast) and not have to worry about my classmates slowing me down – bless them, but I swear they are more of a distraction than assistance.


Downside, I tend to be easily distractible and really work best in an environment where there are clear-cut timetables where things need to get done. I can certainly establish these for myself, but I know that I tend to slack on deadlines that are of my own making. *le sigh*


My professor has let me know that he thinks I am more-than-capable of furthering my language skills with one of the ‘CD programs’ available out there. I have read a lot of positive reviews of this one and it seems that it is also on sale (hopefully it will still be on sale in January, when I may have the money to buy it).


*crossing fingers and working out how to continue my studies with my text in the meantime*

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Went and talked with Dr. Lopez of CSU Fresno’s History Department this afternoon. After our conversation and a pre-meeting perusal of my MA materials I have come to the following timeline to get this all started:

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So, I am studying for my meeting with the CSU Fresno graduate coordinator for History, Dr. Maritere López, Ph.D. The link above seems to be her most recently published paper. Her specialty is Renaissance/Reformation Europe & Early Modern Women/Gender.

Ummm...this could go really well, or really poorly. *chuckle*
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I did it. I sent an e-mail regarding information on getting into the Masters in History program at CSU, Fresno off to the graduate coordinator for that department. As a part of the Classified Staff training yesterday, I took a seminar on continuing your education. In a conversation with the CSUF representative afterward, I found out that it *might be possible* for the History Department to waive my foreign language reading test as a requirement for program entry (so long as I complete it before graduation).


It’s a tiny little thread, but I am going to check it out.


What this might mean: I would begin classes at Fresno City College for my German language studies next semester. Then the following semester I could enroll at CSUF (the deadline for next semester is April 1st and I don’t think I will make it in time with all the waivers and whatnot) in the Masters Program.




The nice news is: FCC – one of the colleges in the District that I work for – has an Adjunct/intern program for Masters Candidates that includes a faculty mentor for my last year of my masters program. Yes, I would probably be stuck teaching some post-modern class on the Cold War rather than European History – but I am going to be stuck with those classes as a community college instructor anyway. Gotta earn my chops.


Wow…I might be teaching within a five years.



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