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Thursday workout was supposed to be 5 miles with the local running group, but since my idiot brain decided to convince me that the run started 30 minutes *later* than it really did I ended up at the gym instead.

So I found out that my gym has free wifi. When combined with an iPad and a treadmill this could be dangerous....

45 minutes/6.5 mph/0 incline later... Run Accomplishment Unlocked! :D

Nothing like a little fear and adrenaline to get you going.

PS: Thank you [livejournal.com profile] harmanhay!
PPS: Damn you Eric Kripke!
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...to join in the spawning this year.

Anyone in the SF area interested in joining in?

PS: For those of you who haven't done anything with
Cacophony before, it gets weird*, you have been warned.

*By this I mean, the last time I went out with Cacophony I ended talking to a famous accordion player in the men's room of the Hustler Club. Later on I made the same man play California Uber Alles for my husband as we all stood around in Santa suits while zombies rampaged up and down the street. Seriously.
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Running has always been about transformation for me. Not physical transformation – although it is a nice side effect – but rather the transformation of the way I think about myself. When I run 5 miles, I feel strong and capable of great things. When I run 10 miles, I feel like I could conquer the world. When I run 15 miles, I feel like I have found a center in my universe.

I can’t wait to push myself into new space...

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OK, I lost my old '1/2 Mary' training schedule source; but I found this one which also seem nice and includes some interval training that my old one didn't. Now I just have to start working longer *runs* into my schedule more often. I am doing a nice mix of cardio (including a fare bit of elliptical for my knees) right now, but I need to start working on stamina building and endurance.

After all, I need to *earn* the beer at the end of next months Hash.

EDIT: BTW - Does anyone know where I can find some nice LJ running icons?
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A couple weeks ago my friend Tara invited me to join her and some Meet-Up buddies for a hike at the Point Lobos State Reserve. It was a Saturday, the hubby was going to be working most of the day and the weather man was saying that temperatures were going to be climbing over the century mark - heading for the coast sounded devine!

The 5:00 AM wake up time to make the 3 hour drive, no so devine. But still OK! ;)

After the group got organized at a local Starbucks before heading out, we reached the park at about 9:00 AM. The early start turned out to be a good thing, because the park only allows a certain number of folks in at a time in order to protect the wildlife and the trails. Meaning that there is a line out to the highway once the park fills up, and you can only get in once someone leaves.

We handily avoided that issue by getting there early!

How did the park look? Well, here are a few photos to give you an idea: )It was beautiful! And coooool with all the ocean mist! And inspiring in so many ways. I had forgotten how much fun going out and exploring nature is. Realizing that I had forgotten that simple fact - me, who was raised in the mountains and explored them constantly as a child! - really was a revelation about where my head has been these past few years. My life is great, I love my husband and I have so much to be thankful for. But I need to remember that adventure is important too...

Tara and I have made a pact, we are going back to Point Lobos and we are going to trail run the 6 mile outer loop. I am very excited by this idea, and it has kick-started me on my training again. That run is going to ROCK!


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