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First day of work was very nice: I have a LOT to learn, but I can't wait to do it. The only downside is having to *wait* for others to show me how to do things.

My boss is smart, nice and patient. I think I am going to REALLY like it here.

In the meantime, the co-owner of DGRV quit the same day I did and wants to take me out to dinner (with a couple of other ex-coworkers) to discuss his current plans. Since working with him was one of the highlights at that place I will talk to him about what I could do part time - money is money after all. So long as he is OK with 5-10 hours a week I can be his Jane Friday for awhile...

Good times!
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...with projects/events for the next couple of months.

Thursday night we are heading over to M&S's house (could have made that S&M's but thought better of it *evil grin*) for dinner and Thomas Jefferson listening.

Then this next weekend is going to be project central at my house with Operation Clean Up coming thru my neighborhood (read that as - big trash day for all the stuff you can't fit in the garbage can all year long). I have a ton of crap in the back yard that I want to finally get taken care of so that we can start our garden in the spring!

I am also making Baby Slings for S for her baby shower (which T and I are throwing for her). I am a bit bummed that more folks aren't going to be showing up for this event as it's her first baby and all...*harrumph* Then again, the final call for invites went out 'lateish' due to confusion about who all was OK to put on the list.  So, I will be off to shop for fun fleece fabrics for 2-3 slings http://www.mayawrap.com/n_sewsling.php. I think I may even put a pocket on the tail if I can figure that out easily. At least I got the rings ordered so all I will have to do is slip them on once I get the other sewing out of the way.

**(making invites for Inn)**

Then the following weekend, the BB Shower! Have to figure out some food stuff with T: She's taking care of the games. Thank goodness, I am no good a those since I don't normally do 'straight' baby showers. The last one we threw was for T and was a Halloween Theme with a pregnant cake full of eyeballs....*grin*

That next Monday the new job starts! January 7th is going to be an exciting day with all the stuff I get to learn. Apparently we have a couple of grants that will be due before the end of that month and I get to dive right in...

Then there's Winterfest in Ventura on January 19th and I would *love* to have something new for hubby to wear to it. More sewing!

Then it is the slide into the Inn with all the invites and whatnot needing to be made up and mailed next week so that folks have the necessary info at least a month in advance. I guess that bumps part of this further up the list for working on this weekend... ** (see above)

Sometime in there I want to get up to San Jose with the hubby to see his sister and her boyfriend who are newly moved back from Washington DC: I am blessed with the coolest "family-in-law" on the planet! 

I believe March is 'mostly' free - with the possible exception of an 'all periods' corset workshop sometime in the middle and a wedding that my hubby my be officiating at the end. 

Then April is the School of the Renaissance Soldier...


Maybe I should start planning things a year from now? *oops!* Already doing that with the possible North Fork Siege sometime in 2008/2009.

*rolls eyes*

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Got it, got it, got it, got it!!!!

I am on my way to being newly employed by the State Center Community College District!

I have the regular finger print check, TB test, etc. to survive - but after that and a 3 minute orientation I will be working in at the District Office which is only 5 minutes from my house; Plus hubby will be attending school on campus which means we can meet up for lunches, etc. With any luck I will be able to sneak a couple of classes in here and there (Herr Torrance!) and may even see if I can use the campus gym so I can finally kill my Balley's membership.


I get to work in a field that promotes education and tolerance of those of different socioeconomic classes and cultures. 

The *only* downside will be leaving the folks I love here at Gamel. I will have to make a point to come and visit - maybe on some of those public holidays that I will get to take off rather than having to come to work! 

*happy dance*

*happy dance*

*happy dance* 
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So I sent 'Thank You' notes to the ladies I interviewed with this AM: One is the Director of Grants and External Funding for SCCCD and the other is the Admin. Aide for the Vice Chancellor (basically the same position I would be filling for the Director). I got this back from Kim, the Admin Aide...

"Thank you, Cherylyn, and you are very welcome.  Both Shelly and I were very impressed with you.  You interviewed extremely well.  I’m not allowed to say anything more! 


Now I have to wait to hear any official word with my hopes up. 


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Remain calm...

You know you won't hear back from the interview for a few days...

Write some 'Thank You' notes this afternoon to the folks who met with you...



Don't think about what you will be doing next week - you don't know yet. 

Don't think about what you will *not* be doing in a month - you don't know yet.

Your current job isn't so bad - if you don't get this one it's not the end of the world.

Focus on work - I guess that means get the hell off of LJ....*chuckle* 
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So, I just got a *poke* from 

[profile] satyr69

 - time to update!

I am in a weird place of calm considering the chaos that apparently has decided to huddle on my doorstep: 

1) I heard from Mom last week that Dad is having some sort of unexplained drop in his platelet levels - still no word on why that is going on or what will be involved in getting him healthy. *frowny face*

2) I am interviewing and testing for a variety of positions - time to get the heck outta here, I love the folks I work with but ownership is making some moves that have me seriously uncomfortable. No word yet on my last interview with Kaiser...*waiting* *waiting*

3) Everything South of Bakersfield apparently wants to be on fire right now. I have friends and family there. This sucks. Also, hubby may end up down there with a group of EMT folks from the Central Valley.  *fingers crossed that everything turns out OK without him needing to go, but so proud of him for volunteering!*

In the meantime, the usual 'too many things to do in a day and not enough time to get them done' continues. 

I need a break from my life - but strangely, none of this is really bothering me all that much. 



Love to all my SoCal peeps - keep safe and call if you need *ANYTHING*!


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