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Postal workers across the country are fielding the annual deluge of letters to Santa, and this year they're seeing more requests for food, clothing, and utility costs than ever before.

If you would like to help out, check the map for a PO near you participating in the program.

The USPS page on this program
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...but I am finally getting into the Christmas Spirit a bit. Still no plans to decorate this year, but I bagged up about a million pounds of cookies, candies and home-made sweetness (thanks to a Sunday cooking spree with [livejournal.com profile] tristinmorgan  and [livejournal.com profile] saoirse42!). Tonight is ending with homemade turkey pot pie and some gift wrapping - and my favorite - LOTS OF RAIN! 

I admit it, I love damp weather...

In fact, I have actually moved away from places where the weather is sun-shiny bright all year long because I can't stand missing out on real winter weather conditions. Not that I want to live where there are blizzards - *eeep*!

So: goodnight, goodnight, to one and all. May visions of sugarplums dance in your heads... ...and may they all be in hot pink stiletto heels!
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To those who will travel: Safe journey! Here is hoping that your holiday season is full of warmth, good humor, love and gifts (not necessarily those of a material variety). To friends who we will not see until 2009 - know that you are missed, and thought of often.

Love to you all!

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...for goodness sake!

God, I love the Germans!


Thanks to phoom.blogspot.com for the link!

*HUGS* to all the naughty kids out there!

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Yah know... Valentines Day!

To all those out there who helped me get out of my old job and encouraged me into my new one: Thank you! Hope you have a great day (week, month, year, life!) and that you get at least one "awwwww" moment out of it!


Now, go eat a heart shaped cookie!
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I get a slightly icky feeling in my tummy just thinking about the holidays and the buying season known as Christmas. When I think about braving the marketplace for gifts and goodies, I just end up thinking how slimy and sold-out the holiday has become.

I remember back when I was just a poor college student and gave away my favorite book sets, cookies and bread for the holidays.

Well, now that I am older, I realize that this Christmas is going to probably be a return to those simpler times: I do love giving gifts, but I am going to make an effort this year to make those gifts myself rather than buying them from a retailer.  Home made wrapping paper (all you need is some spray paint, paper bags and fall leaves and you get paper *and* pretty gift tags - the leaves after all the spray painting), cookies from my favorite recipes, and tons and tons of orange muffins, homemade stollen & banana nut bread. 

There may be a few 'extras' for the hubby (since he has video game or two that he really wants), but I hope that the rest of my friends and family simply enjoy the fruits of my labor.

This isn't a frugality thing.

This is my protest against the way that Christmas is being exploited as 'the best way for retailers to spring back from a slow third quarter'.  *I think I just threw up a little in my mouth*

Happy Holidays!



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