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Tuesday, March 19th: Crossfit
Tuesday March 19 - Board

One Minute Workout (WOD): Knees-to-Elbows (K2E) - this version of the exercise was done hanging from the suspended rings. This makes it harder, and stressed my already annoyed left shoulder. It also seems like the rings that N and I were using were especially 'slippery', making grip endurance tougher. All in all, it sucked and I want to work on my grip strength for all ring exercises in general. *sigh* My total was only 12...

Thrusters/Sit Up Complex: This was done for 10 minutes, with 6 Thruster reps to complete in each minute, followed by 6 sit-ups. Whatever time was left over in each minute was 'rest' before the next period (minute) begins. I was done with all 10 rounds in aprox 30 seconds (for both Thrusters & sit ups) leaving about half of each minute for rest time. My weight was 29 kgs on the bar.

Met-Con: This was a 12 minute As-Many-Reps-As-Possible (AMRAP) of the following series. I completed 5 full rounds, plus another round up through 4 of the Pistols.
10 Kettlebell (KB) Snatches (Left Arm): 12 kg KB. The version we did was from the ground, rather than the hips.
10 Pistols* (5 each leg): Modified with use of medicine ball to catch bottom of each rep and 7 kg KB counterweight

10 Kettlebell (KB) Snatches (Right Arm): 12 kg KB
10 Double Unders**: Modified to 45 single-unders

*HOLY CRAP THESE ARE HARD! Need to work on the bottom end of these as I can only complete about 2 per leg unmodified before the whole thing falls apart. *makes a face*
**These are still not working for me, but they are getting better! Last night was the first time that I had success with multiple sets of these. :D

Wednesday, March 20th: Crossfit
Wednesday March 20 - Board

One Minute Workout (WOD): Alternating Lunges - Did a good job with this one, got 47 done in the one minute period (which I think was the women's record for the day!).

This was mostly a technique and power day. We worked on getting our form right and building strength with our lifts using the following complexes...

Hanging Squat Snatch with Overhead (4 Rnds/3 Reps)/GHD Machine 1/2 Sit Ups (3 Rnds/12 Reps): I did my snatch complex with 27 kg and my sit-ups with 10 kg plate added; the sit up is only to vertical and then back up to sitting. As with all complexes, you start and end with the first exercise, and use the second exercise as a 'spacer' in between.

Deadlift/Ring Dip: This was a little more complex as it was a series that built on weight for the deadlift exercises. The workout I did ended up looking like this -
Deadlift (6 reps @ 60%): 40 kg
Ring Dip: 1.5" band for assist
Deadlift (5 reps @ 70%): 52 kg
Ring Dip: 1.5" band for assist
Deadlift (5 reps @ 80-85%): 65 kg
Ring Dip: 1.5" band for assist
Deadlift (5 reps @ 80-85%): 65 kg
Deadlift (5 reps @ 80-85%): 65 kg

Damage Log: My left shoulder has been twingie for the past few days so I am keeping an eye on it. Having talked to my personal EMT (C) I know what to look out for. Part of the issue is my form in my snatch and overhead lifts so I need to talk to the kids a the gym about how to correct this. Also, I need to get some wrist wraps to help protect my wrists and forearms from being strained. 
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So my sister and I took an extended trip to Vegas this past week. The Rio was lovely, our time together was terrific, there were many beautiful things to look at (like these - and yes, I mean in person), and we met an amazing group of women that we bonded with in record time.

All good!

Even better? Sis is just as nutty as I am about hitting the gym; so every morning we were up and out by 7:00 AM and spent an hour working out (cardio and weights) before hitting the steam room/sauna/jacuzzi for another 40 minutes or so. Between that and all the walking I didn't gain *any* weight in Vegas, despite drinking and eating pretty much whatever I felt like.

I came back on Monday morning and headed right back into my regular routine:

Monday, March 11th: Yoga
Hatha yoga with Yoga Mary for 1.5 hours. *Just* what I needed to ease back into the regular week. I find that a good meditative yoga session fends off a variety of ills including exhaustion, minor aches and pains, and sometimes even illness.

Tuesday, March 12h: Crossfit
Tuesday March 12th - Crossfit
1 Minute WOD (Workout of the Day): As many pull ups as you could do in a minute. I down-graded my assistance to a 1.5" rubber band (from a 2" band previously) and got a total of 20 pull ups clocked in. Not bad. Not great. But still, an improvement over the last time, I think (since that was before I started recording this data - which goes to show WHY I am recording this data...).

"DT" 5 Rounds (Timed): You know, like the detox shakes you get when coming down off of something. Yeah. This had a similar result. *chuckle* I did the whole set of exercises in 8:45 with 29 kg.
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Power Cleans - the proper order of the name ;)
12 Push Jerks

Cash Out:
Partner Sit-Up Throws - did this with N with the 8# medicine ball
Lateral Hurdle Jumps - I am fast with these!
GHD Raises - OUCH. OK, this shows where I have work do to on my hamstrings and back...damnit.

Wednesday, March 13th: Crossfit
Wednesday, March 13th - Crossfit
1 Minute WOD (Workout of the Day): Hip Extensions, which I do a great job with, but the move makes me loose count all the time. I completed somewhere around 55-58 but counted only to around 52. Next time I need to partner with N and have her count for me.

Olympic Lifts w/Interval Exercise: This was a 4/3 split series, starting and ending with lifts. I did my lifts with J, and she is a little monster when it comes to power! Our weight was 29 kg for all sets of lifts. The overall series looks like this -
Clean and Jerk (Split) X 3
Rolling U-Ups* X 10
Clean and Jerk (Split) X 3
Rolling U-Ups X 10
Clean and Jerk (Split) X 3
Rolling U-Ups X 10
Clean and Jerk (Split) X 3

*A "Rolling U-Up". Lay on the floor on your back with legs extended down and arms extended overhead. "U-up" in a V sit up position. Lower arms and legs to just off floor. Roll to your side, all the way over and end up on your back again. "U-up" in new location, roll back to original location in the same manner. Repeat. Each "U-up" counts as one rep.

Met-Con (10 min AMRAP): The goal is to do As Many Reps As Possible (AMRAP) of these exercises in this order in the time allotted. I did some heavy modification from the proscribed weights and positions. Just not that strong yet. In the end I did 6 full rounds plus all the way through the medicine ball exercise (8 reps) with the following mods.
5 Hand Stand Push Ups (HSPU) - from weight rack with feet overhead, so higher than in vid (not in full HS position)
8 Medicine Ball (MB) Cleans - full Rx of 14#
10 Kettle Bell Swings (KBS) - 16 kg weight (not 20 kg as proscribed); although I have to say the straight arm motion on the upswing in the demo vid is a good way to put yourself on your ass if you aren't careful.

Thursday, March 14th: Running
Tonight I am off for my regular Thursday fun-run with the local kids. I expect to do about 5 miles, pace is usually around 7 mph (we'll see how that holds up with almost two weeks since my last solid outdoor run). 
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Friday, March 1st - Crossfit:
Friday March 1, 2013 - Crossfit
Push Complex: includes the following exercises done in sequence a total of seven times through (35 exercises total). The 'split jerk' is done twice, once for each leg).  I stacked weight as I went, starting with the 20 kg bar and ending with 35 kg for my last three sets. The rule is, if you cannot complete a clean press, lower your weight.
Push Press
Push Jerk

Split Jerk

1 Min. Wod: L-sit Holds
because apparently *someone* in our gym had a total jones on for these things this week (we did them on Wednesday too as part of our sequence). /side eyes the trainers...especially B... Mine were done in tuck, per the modification. Goal is to do them with extended legs as in example.

Met-Con: This whole series, completed through one time. I did this with 16 kg weight for kettlebell (as prescribed), a 20" box (non-Rx), and knees-to-elbows rather than toes-to-bar (T2B).
50 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (SDHP)
30 Box Jumps
10 Toes-to-Bar (T2B)
(/reverse the above to completion)
I did the whole thing in 8:50, which would have been more impressive if I had done more of it as the Rx rather than modified. Ah well, this is how we set goals! :D

Saturday, March 2nd- Run:

Ran 32 minutes with the dog-o before heading out of town for the weekend.

Sunday, March 3rd- Run:

At one of my favorite places! I love the lake run in O-town, and their new ped walk is nearly complete, circling the entire lake and allowing for a very nice and uninterrupted running experience (no traffic lights to fight - hooray!).
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I don't know how many of you on this list are runners, but here's a pro-tip for you:


Even when I was running five days a week and competing in track-and-field and cross country events in high school, I never reached that 'magical place' where runs became easy and fun. I knew team mates who had that experience, and I silently cursed them as I chugged and sweated my way through every workout. I don't have a runners body, long and lean. My thighs will always rub together - threatening to chafe - and my hips will always ensure that my legs are *just* out of perfect alignment enough to maximize the chances of me pounding the joints of my lower body into throbbing annoyance.

In retrospect, I think it is because running is hard that I throw myself at it so competitively. Every person who passes me with a glow and a giggle makes me want to hit that uphill that much harder, take that extra mile that much faster, refuse to walk ANYWHERE.

So, on the rare nights like last night happen - when the stars align and my legs feel like they are made of air rather than lead - those are *extra* special runs.

And when you combine body that is clicking over like a well oiled machine (for once!) with that competitive energy, you get this:

Thursday, February 28th - SRC Group Run:

5 Miles/40 minutes = 7.5 mph pace.

Fuck. Yeah.

To celebrate, a little Journey. Aw. Yes.

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Wednesday, February 27th - Crossfit:
Wednesday, 2/27/13 - Crossfit

1 Minute WOD (Workout of the Day): Reverse Hypers (46 reps -need to remember to wear gloves next time, could have done more but I kept feeling like I was slipping off the equipment *sigh*)

Met-Con: each of the below done as intervals, integrating one set of ring dips between each OHS, ending with OHS.
Overhead Squats (OHS): 5 sets of 5 reps. This was done with the 20 kg bar and no added weight.
Ring Dips (with assist): 4 sets of 12 reps. I used the orange band for this and needed it. :P

Cash Out: this was two sets, once through the series each set, in the order below.
L-Sit Holds (with knees in): 2 X 30 seconds.
Chest-to-Bar Pull Ups (with assist - which N didn't use on her second set because she is a BEAST! *grin*): 2 X 10. I used the grey band, but will try without assist for at least one set next time. Need to learn how to 'kipling' or butterfly these for better time.
200 m Sprint X 2: Wherein I kicked MASSIVE ASS and got 36 seconds for my best time. Keep in mind, there is a 180 degree turn around in the middle of this sprint (100 m out, 100 m back). Only one other woman this day got a time as good as mine and she is one of the best in the gym (and about 18 years younger than I am).

This was me:

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Tuesday, February 26th - Run:

Headed out for a 35 minute run with the dog-o yesterday. He is getting older and more sausage like and I need to help neutralize some of the treats I feed him with additional exercise before he ends up with joint issues and/or general poor health.

But he is a handsome devil... ;)

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Monday, February 25th - CrossFit:
Monday, 2/25/13 CrossFit

1 Minute WOD (Workout of the Day): Thrusters (36 reps -used the Rx weight of 15 kg)

Snatch Complex: each of the below done series for 7 reps total of 5 exercises each rep. Whole series done with 25 kg weight (I could do more, but I need to practice form before I blow out something trying to go all Princess of Power on this series. *chuckle*).

Snatch Grip Dead Lift (DL)
Hang Power Snatch
Hang Squat Snatch

Full Power Snatch
Full Squat Snatch

And then the Met-Con from hell... Death By Burpee Box Jumps. We did the exact series that is in the video. 1 rep in 1 minute, 2 reps in 1 minute, 3 reps in 1 minute, etc. No, I didn't use dumb bells. But I *did* set the highest total for speed/reps for the whole day for the ladies (topped out at 10 reps/min + 9 spares).

And here I thought nothing on this earth would make me hate burpees more. *chuckle*

Injury record: My knees were sore last night and I tweaked something from my elbow to forearm on the left side trying to recover the weight on a bad full power snatch. However, some heat on my knees (provided by both rice packs and kitties) and arnica jell + wrist brace on my left arm last night has lead to a day with nothing to report for ongoing pain issues.

So that means I can run with the dog-o tonight! :D
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OK, have to catch up on posts from last week. I will make these brief:

Friday, February 22nd - CrossFit:
Friday, 3/22/13 - CrossFit

1 Minute WOD (Workout of the Day): 400 m sprint (1:20 - ass kicking speed per the other times I saw on the board)
TABATA: each of the below done in 8 rep intervalls of 20 seconds work/10 seconds rest

Dumbell (DB) Clean & Jerk: 24 pounds
Overhead (O/H) Alternating Lunges: 15 kg plate held above head (Rx)
GHD Sit Ups: The trainer advised that I should do regular sit-ups rather than using the GHD machine as I am not familiar with that equipment and could end up hurting myself unintentionally. Of course, this just means I need to learn how to do this exercise on that machine later... ;)
Burpees: HOW I HATE THEE. *sigh*

The goal was to count our totals for each exercise over the eight reps, with the overall total being our final workout score for the day. My card worked out like this:

Dumbell (DB) Clean & Jerk: 36 reps (5-4 per set)

Overhead (O/H) Alternating Lunges: 66 reps (mostly 8 per set)

GHD Sit Ups: 89 reps

Burpees: 41 reps (mostly 5 per set)
TOTAL: 232

Not having to do the GHD's certainly helped me get my reps up by comparison to those who had to do the proscribed (Rx) workout; still, I am proud of my total for the day! :D

The cash-out of the day was Good Mornings and Kettlebell Rows. I did these with the ladies weight bar and a 12 kg KB.

Saturday, February 23rd - Run & Yoga:
Ran 30 minutes (6.5 mph/0 incline), Crosstrainer 10 minutes (5 resistance/5 step), Yoga *(Hatha) 1:30 hours.

Sunday, February 24th - Rest!:
And boy did I need it! ;)
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Good Lord Y'all!

To say I have been a bad blogger doesn't even cover it. Work has been cray-cray for the last few months; as a result I barely get a chance to *read* my blog feeds, much less post to them.

That does not mean, however, that I have given up on all my extra-curricular activities. Exercise goals are going well and I have even added the insanity that is CrossFit to my schedule. In an effort to get back into the journaling I plan on posting my workouts.

And who knows, I may even get my hiney back into sewing sometime in the near future... ;)

Tuesday, February 20th - CrossFit:
CrossFit - 2/20/13

1 Minute WOD (Workout of the Day): Front Lunges - 36
Top weight in squat series: 50 kg (I can totally do more than this...need to up the weight)
Wall Walks - ala...

Total time on series (Run, Row, Wall Ball): 18:51 min/14 kg medicine ball - not the fastest lady out there, but well above the middle of the pack for the day.


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