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Long time, no post!

Sorry folks, I have been pretty busy the past few weekends. Not much sewing has been done, although there *should* be a progress update on the cloak project (which is turning out to be quite *SQUEEE* worthy!) after this weekend. I just have to convince Eloise - my dressmakers dummy - to give up the goods and let me take the damn thing off her.... ;)

In the meantime, this is what I have been up to:

Greyhound Adoption Center Volunteer Event

So a few months back C and I adopted our second greyhound, a seven month old pup named Nigel. He has been *quite* a handful - like, once he outgrows the chewing stage we will get a new couch to replace the one that is slowly being taken to pieces. *makes a face* Overall he is a total sweetheart, but he is lucky he is so damn cute because I have to remind myself that he is just a baby and doesn't really know any better every time I find a new paperback book torn to pieces in my living room.

He hasn't touched the research books yet. That has saved him from being a lovely wallet. ;)

Late last month, Nigel and I participated in a meet-and-greet with the local branch of our adoption agency. Here are a couple of photos from that event:

Nigel & I at ClovisFest 2013 v1
Despite what it looks like, Nigel is *very* outgoing and was quite happy to lick every child that came withing muzzle reach...

Nigel & I at ClovisFest 2013 v2
42 MPH couch potato - THE DOG NOT ME. *grin*

Tough Mudder Two - Electric Boogaloo

Then a couple of weeks ago C & I drove to North Lake Tahoe for the Tough Mudder event held at Northstar ski resort. Team Jog-or-Naught had some new membership this time around, and C was really just there to make sure that the event kept our beer cold until we were done with the course. ;)

Honestly though, it was a good thing he came because 1) he got to see me complete the scariest obstacle I have taken on to date and 2) he was the only EMS responder available when a seven year old girl took a header on one of the slopes and had be c-spined and carried out (by C and a Northstar volunteer) to reach the main paramedic station on the site. She is fine, but thank the lords of chaos that my husband was around.

Team Jog-or-Naught: Tahoe Tough Mudder, September 2013
It always starts out so clean... Jim, Amy, Joel, Nina and Me

Joel takes one for Wounded Warrior
Joel gets a mohawk for a cause (Wounded Warrior Project) - Nina Approves!

Our team took the course in a little less than five hours. Elevation did not help our cause, but honestly, we had a great time and EVERYONE finished (which is the point of the event). I completed every obstacle at least once which included climbing through narrow pipes, pulling myself through water filled trenches, climbing mountains (literally), wading through mud, doing pull ups and push ups, carrying logs, diving into pools of ice water, jumping off tall platforms, climbing tall platforms, and generally proving that Crossfit has made me into a tiny rock star when it comes to accomplishing weird tasks.

Zombies, I dare you to catch me. ;)

Sadly, the 'after' photos were taken by on site photographers who want an arm and a leg for an electronic copy of their work. You'll just have to imagine my smiling, muddy mug inserted into the following images. *grin*

We're planning on San Diego, November 2014. I am thinking we need to do an Anchor Man themed team...

Northern Invasion, German Camp - Casa de Fruta Renaissance Faire

Then last weekend we headed out for German Invasion with a crew of other krauts; I have to say, this annual event is *da bomb* for catching up with far flung friends. Due to dog-sitting issues we were only able to go out for Friday night and Saturday, but it was so worth the trip. :D

Sadly, I totally *failed* at getting any photos myself that day - I am hoping that [livejournal.com profile] claughter713 has some squirreled away. What I *can* say is that the new Wulsthaube & Schleier set that [livejournal.com profile] mmcnealy created for both of us worked BRILLIANTLY. I understand that she may be in the market to make some more of these beautiful, historically accurate and versatile hats for ladies who would like to up their reenactment game.

To see how these work, check out the video that [livejournal.com profile] mmcnealy made, below:

So, next week - back to posting about sewing! *w00t!*]


Still no shots of claughter713 and I, but here is one of my hubby, C, and me!
Me and the Hubby, German Invasion - Northern, October 2013

Because I am nothing if not klassy (that is not a typo)....


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