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 This is something I need to try and remember to do. Not because I buy pricey clothes (I am a Thrift Store denizen and proud of it!) but because I do spend money I don't need to and then end up wondering where my cash has gone at the end of every month.

Part of this is the unavoidable side-effect of two adults with a first- and second-mortgage living with pets on one income (and I am damn proud that I can support my husband while he's going to school!); but part of it is me refusing to coupon, and not paying attention to sales on food products, and generally acting as though I somehow *deserve* only the best when it comes to the things I put in my mouth.

I am a food whore, it's true. Anyway. Replace the comments about clothes in the following message with "pricey gin", "expensive cheese" and "ribeye steaks" and you have something I need to get behind more:

(via hickville on Tumblr)

I think you should save money and not spend it all on fashion. Is that controversial? Save 10% of what you earn. Always. Pretend you never earned it. Because one day you’re going to want to buy a house to live in, and you can’t do that if you’ve spunked it all on not-so-cheap threads. I love that phrase ‘spunked it all’.

Save some money, because you work hard, and at the end of each year, you can look at that bank deposit and say “that’s what I have to show for it.” Fetishise over the balance as much as you do a new pair of Miu Mius. You deserve more than a pile of potential op-shop donations for your hard work.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you need to buy clothes all the time. You don’t. People like me who talk about clothes all day do it for a job. Other people talk about bin collecting all day, or hedge funds, and you don’t fiendishly slave over what they’re saying. Maybe you do, let’s talk. You’re funny.

Buy once and buy well. Love clothes and enjoy them, but choose pieces that work for your body, you’ll go back to them year on year. Update with seasonal purchases here and there. Don’t panic buy and treat sales like brain surgery. Be precise, make only considered incisions into your wallet.

Save money, buy a flat, but don’t worry about when it happens. Whenever you manage to land your own home, it will eventually make you money. And at that point, you can spend the extra on clothes.


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Adventures in camp cooking are always fun, and sometimes pretty tasty to boot! This past weekend at the North Fork Siege was no exception; bacon/fried bread/Irish cheddar breakfast sandwiches with fresh fruit for breakfasts, bear sausage and root vegetable broth on Friday night, spit roasted mustard and honey coated pork loin and beef with shallots and garlic in red wine on Saturday night, chickpeas with smoked pork necks on Sunday. *YUM!*

And then there was the challenge of the waffle iron.

Every time I bring this item out to an event, I forget one CRITICAL rule: GREASE FIRST, GREASE LAST, GREASE ALWAYS!

*grin* By this I mean, the wafre recipe that I like to use has little in it to keep it from sticking to the wafre maker (even when said maker is pre-seasoned). This lesson leads to much cursing and hot iron cleaning before the follow-up waffles can be made. It is an annoying process, and one I hope to circumvent in future by REMEMBERING to grease the darn wafre iron between each waffle.

Not low fat, but at lot easier to get the waffle out of…*chuckle*

Because they say a picture is worth 1,000 words… )

Delicious! Especially along with the honey that [livejournal.com profile] claughter713 brought!

Thank you again to everyone who came out to the event - it was terrific and I am looking forward to the next one!

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Homemade eggnog it the bomb…

It is also da DEB-VIL!

That is all.

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Guinness Ice Cream (check)

Broccoli/Ricotta Quiche (check)

Chicken Pot Pie (check) - did this one on the fly...

Homemade Jerky (check)

Dried Fruit – peaches, nectarines, plums & pluots (check)


Can’t wait to get home for dinner! *grin*

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Per the information included above, there is going to be 'hands on tasting' at the workshop. The good news is, this is a 'pre-RWA Guild Meeting' workshop (*perhas a smaller crowd, perhaps not). The bad new is, I have not idea how many items I should bring....


I am already planning on bringing some springerle cookies (since they can be made up a month in advance - *yipes* that is NOW), and I am considering bringing some period 'sauces' in order to demonstrate the overall differences in the flavor spectrum from the Medieval period (sweet and savory with meat isn't something that is common in the modern sense of taste).  

I don't want to serve meat or anything that might spoil.

I will be attacking the recipe books tonight for more ideas and then sharing them tomorrow for input. If you have any favorites you'd like to share from past events, please let me know! 

Our headcount for the class is currently 10 folks, T expects 20, but will cap the class at 30 if we get there.
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I am going to start webbing some site I have found with good content. These will all be food related and will end up in the workshop bibliography if I use any of their content in the final class. I am going to keep adding to this same entry (to keep it all in one place for my ease of access), so keep checking back if you are interested.

General Reference at www.netlibrary.com & www.books.google.com/

www.godecookery.com The main source, I will list specific sections of the site that I have interest in using below this point:

www.wikipedia.org There are a number of entries that I have been seeing in The Land of Wiki that I think I will use. They are inventoried below:
http://goldenlyon.org/cgkit.html#Cucina_per_campagna_stores  (this totally makes me want to do an *actual* cooking workshop...)  This site includes a list of the food prepared for the workshop including spices, sauces, etc. Seems pretty consistent with my information on the items commonly found in medieval cookbooks - Powder Forte, Verijuice, etc. - perhaps could be used for 'feast' reference with some information for common herbages as well. There is a ton of inforamtion on camp cooking that this group appears to have compiled in various PDF's in other sections of the site.  Might even use some of the same sauces as sample foods, with bread for dipping. 

http://search.ebscohost.com.ezproxy.sfpl.org/login.aspx?direct=true&db=f5h&AN=23628198&site=ehost-live Link to that article, "Birth of the Modern Diet" - Scientific American, Special Edition: Recommended by Leighlani.

DHF Internal 'Food Porn - Reformation Style' thread: Viewable to members of the Guild only (sorry!).  Found these (still working!) old links from prior research in here:
        Francesco Sirene, Spicer - for purchases of supplies
        http://www.katjaorlova.com/MedievalKitchenEquipment.htm - overview of kitchen goods and how order was maintained in large period kitchens (clip art of kitchen impliments)
        http://www.keskiaika.org/kirjasto/food/preparation.htm - more kitchen info and food preservation including information on wine that I would like to include
        The Consumption of Spices and Their Costs in Late-Medieval and Early-Modern Europe
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My friend T has asked that I host a 45 minute workshop for her at the Romance Writers of America, Annual Guild meeting in SF on July 30th. Now T is a brilliant garb researcher with a far greater grasp of the periods in question (medieval and renaissance) than I have. She’d been hosting ‘corsets and underwear’ workshops for RWA events for years now: Needless to say, she hasn’t asked me to do a workshop on clothing.
Nope, she wants me to do one on food.
Having been to some of the crazy 16th C parties that hubby and I host, and having supped at our table at various encampments – I believe she is under the impression that I have done a lot more research on this subject than I really have.
I knew buying all that period cookware and service would get me in trouble some day…
So, with the help of [profile] dravon , [profile] shadowd1and [profile] dragonwoman, I have started coming up with a list of subjects that I think will be of interest to RWA members. Some of this I will cover with ‘static displays’ (ie: I will set up a table with a period place setting – for the 16th C since that I what I have – and have a placard that describes what folks are looking at, same for crockery, cookware and possibly glassware if I can convince myself that it won’t get broken): But I am looking for any source material that may be floating around on the interwebs that I am not already in contact with – or that I may not have seen the depths of.
Research starts for real as of today!
I am currently using [profile] dragonwoman's vegi research folder, NetLibrary, Google Books, JSTOR (thank you SF library card!) and www.godecookery.com. If anyone knows of any articles, books, etc. that they feel are integral to the items below – or if they just want to send me some crib notes on a favorite topic of food that is mentioned in my list – lemme know!
At any rate, I am going to web the crap out of what I am finding so that I can share!
Feast vs Meal – What was served, who served it & who ate what.
            * “Fancy” Food vs daily fare
            * Order of meal service and placement of guests.
* Dogs roaming around the floors?

Food and Weddings – What did they serve and what did it mean?
            *Who paid for it?
            *’Traditional wedding fare’ and its meaning
*’Wedding Feast’ traditions – dancing, drinking and sewing someone into a blanket
Who did the cooking – Cooks as a professional class
            *Mama vs The Cast Iron Chef
            *Who could afford them, and what were they buying?
What did they eat with – Flatware, Glassware, Pottery, oh my!
*Samples of each, with some information on cost and availability – including samples of table linens.
*When did forks become common use items?
Food as God and Medicine – the role of food in medieval lifestyles
* Medical: ‘The humors’ and how food effects them
Religious: “Don’t eat *that* today!”
Misplaced foods & food myths – The potato isn’t your friend.
            *Spices and their cost and locations
            *Food preservation - basics
            *’New World’ foods (pumpkins, corn, potatoes, etc.)
            *’Old World’ foods (pasta, ‘sandwiches’, etc.)

PS: [profile] shadowd1and I are going to be 'premiering' this workshop at Fort MacArthur on July 12th & 13th. If you are in the LA area and feel like stopping in, we'd love your input! ([profile] dravon, you are already on the list baby!)
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Firefighters clear a roadway near Munich following a crash.

Oh...the humanity!

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I'd be interested in hearing from folks on what these images make you think...

..Big Pictures That Make Your Computer 'Think' Too... )

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Nope, no silly holiday ‘resolutions’ for me: Just a reminder that it is time to get back on the vegis and exercise wagon.



The problem seems to be that my favorite vegi preparations are all ‘warm weather’ friendly: Fruit smoothies and salads. In the cooler months I crave hot dishes – and sadly most of the vegi ‘heated foods’ I know aren’t very calorie friendly as they are loaded with butter, baked with cheese or heaped with some other bovine-fat-storage food unit. *grin*


I must figure this out….


The exercise is fine – So long as I remember to breathe thru my nose (not my mouth) while out running on chilly mornings. Otherwise I tear my throat up with the frigid air. I am thinking about adding biking to my routine, but the thought of having to invest in new gear has pulled me up a little short: If I thought the wind chill in *running* was going to prove my work out clothes to be sub-par for this season…


Anywho, I need to spawn some serious motivation. Time to start looking at half marathon schedules for about three months from now. 

How about this one? http://www.stockteam.com/marathon.html Heck, it's close enough to hubby's mom's house that we could stay with her & P before the race!



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