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Never ending and obsessive thoughts about sewing methods and patterning prevented most of my sleep last night. What little I did get was interrupted by puppy snoring, toy squeaking, and the fact that I am sharing a bed with my husband and two dogs to both seem to think that they need more space than any single human body would occupy.


I need a nap.


I need a drink.


I need to be home sewing rather than at work.




hsifeng: (*Arrrrrrrr!* Sewing Pyrate!)
For Gala this year, I am coming as this hot piece of tail...

Make that SMOKING hot...

At first there was angsting about finding a vintage tux, cutting it down to size, tailoring a white waistcoat, etc. 

Then I realized: THEY RENT THESE THINGS. They rent them right down to their shiny patent leather shoes and carefully folded hanki square. Then I found out how much they rent them for (especially when the guy who owns the rental shop is the one helping you and he is *clearly* excited about the idea of you showing up for a costume gig in this number).


"But hsifeng! The point of your Gala outfit is to slave over it for months; crying tears of blood from your fingertips and tears of cash from your bank account! You can't possibly RENT your Gala costume! That's cheating!"

Blah blah blah...

I hear your argument, and I counter with this: Part of costuming is Knowing Your Resources.

If you are doing costume work for theater or screen and you have to come up with a tuxedo for a cast member, you don't sew that bastard from scratch (unless you are insane or you have a no-limit-corporate-credit-card and private jet to Hong Kong where they can knock that tux out in less than three hours using hands smaller than your iPod). 

You BUY it. Or in this case, rent it. 

And yeah, it would fit me better if I had the thing tailored. But seriously? It's for one night and I am modeling a woman who loved to drag it up in men's fashion on occasion.

I'm going to channel Greta** Marlene and go with boy clothes. ThankYouVeryMuch.


**The internet is FULL OF FAIL. As both [livejournal.com profile] claughter713and [livejournal.com profile] grlfuryboth pointed out - this particular hot blond is Marlene Dietrich, not Greta Garbo. Apparently my 'Want To Dress Like The Pretty German Women' thing is still in full effect no matter what century I choose to play dress up in. I have no problem with this...

PS: Don't freak out. I am still sewing. I am just sewing on things that will actually remain productive parts of my costume closet for years (ie Things Not From The Last Century). 

PPS: I hereby claim First Official Drag Privileges at CoCo. If I see anyone else out there in this outfit I am going to demand a drink in reparations payment. This is how you avoid the tangled web of telling everyone in advance what your Super Secret Gala Outfit is... *chuckle*

PPPS: *psst* Meet me at the Gala, I'll be the one wearing the big, white flower.


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It is that time of year when people start to say, "Oh crap....faire starts WHEN!?!" and it seems that I am in the thick of it this season. No, I am not in charge of a Guild, not trying to set up an event or even help someone else do so.

I am sewing.

Every night there is hand sewing to do on the hubby's new Waffenrock (he reminds me that I am the one who decided that the 'broken branch' trim 'Rock would be cool...) and when that is done there will be a new set of Hosen/Wams for him that I need to start on, plus the set up to re-embroider two large sections of tapestry fabric in order to 'dress it up' in a more handmade sort of way. Thank GOD I have crazy friends to assist with *that* project - I love you Tonda and Jess!

So, all in all it will be awhile before I am out of projects.

The long list:
Hosen/Wams - simple versions
Hosen/Wams - 'little lord Fauntlaroi' version
Kleid - simple version
Kleid - fancy squirrels version
Schaub for him
Schaub for me

Oh - and I want to make some hats at some point....*grin*

In the midst of this, I have four or five friends who are asking for various amounts of assistance with their garb. Damn, when I told the universe that I wanted to get back to my sewing projects it took me SERIOUSLY! Just a reminder to those friends - being able to bitch a little about the amount of work I am doing is more than half the fun for me! *chuckle*

See you guys soon! 

EDIT: As a clarification - This isn't all going to get done for the first event of the season! Right now I am focusing on getting Chris' Waff done and getting our friends assisted with their gear. After that the rest of this will be plucked away at slowly...
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I get a slightly icky feeling in my tummy just thinking about the holidays and the buying season known as Christmas. When I think about braving the marketplace for gifts and goodies, I just end up thinking how slimy and sold-out the holiday has become.

I remember back when I was just a poor college student and gave away my favorite book sets, cookies and bread for the holidays.

Well, now that I am older, I realize that this Christmas is going to probably be a return to those simpler times: I do love giving gifts, but I am going to make an effort this year to make those gifts myself rather than buying them from a retailer.  Home made wrapping paper (all you need is some spray paint, paper bags and fall leaves and you get paper *and* pretty gift tags - the leaves after all the spray painting), cookies from my favorite recipes, and tons and tons of orange muffins, homemade stollen & banana nut bread. 

There may be a few 'extras' for the hubby (since he has video game or two that he really wants), but I hope that the rest of my friends and family simply enjoy the fruits of my labor.

This isn't a frugality thing.

This is my protest against the way that Christmas is being exploited as 'the best way for retailers to spring back from a slow third quarter'.  *I think I just threw up a little in my mouth*

Happy Holidays!


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Why is it *always* the last minute with this holiday? *grin*

Even when I plan in advance I end up having to make modifications based on inspiration that strike around five minutes before I have to head out the door. At least this year I have a few hours to make the final adjustments.

Halloween Night
Zombie Hunter Grrrl Costume:

1) Big Stompy Boots? CHECK
2) Black BDU Capris? CHECK
3) Black Fingerless Gloves & Arm Warmers? CHECK
4) Black T? CHECK 
5) Cropped Army Jacket? CHECK
6) Gun/Shotgun? CHECK *they're fakies...relax!*

Now I just need to make the necessary mods/additions to the jacket, see if I can find a little 'Fidel Castro' cap at Target in the right color of green, see if the gaiters from my WWII garb work over the boots and get all this on and my happy ass over to T's place in time to decorate the club for tonight! *whew*

Saturday Night, the Leaky Cauldron in Oakland
Death Eater Costume:

1) Robes? CHECK
2) Corset? CHECK
3) Shoes? CHECK
4) Mask? CHECK
4) Wand? CHECK

Need to finish painting the wand (hubby working on this today I hope), put the ties back on the mask, whip up a cowl from the left over fabric and then sew all of hubby's 'Dumbledore's Army' patches to his alpenflage gear. 

OK - maybe this isn't as overwhelming as I thought it was...*chuckle*

Happy Halloween everyone!


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