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I have a search filter set up on Yahoo that occasionally throws me an interesting research bone. Today’s was a pre-set image search of the British Museums print collection (search: “Block cut by Jost de Negker”). I ended up seeing a few images that I have missed in prior woodcut searches/collections; including these two.


Cut for those who don’t care and don’t want to waste their bandwidth. )


Both of these images were carved between 1525-1530, with the actual publication of these prints falling around 1580-1585; according to museum records. I love the ‘tassel’ detail down the right leg of the Spiesstrauger, and I am always pleased to find more ‘handgunners’! 


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Many thanks to Barry Siler, who posted this information on the SRS list just a few moments ago.

Yes! Even more sources for non-wooden cartridges!

To be honest, I am glad that Dale used a different technique to make ours. I am far happier knowing that ours are not held together with lead solder.

EDIT: Another lovely person from the same list gave this address for purchasing ready-made cartridges.


I can tell you these are much less pricey than the ones that hubby and I got - although I will also say I like ours more... *wink*

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Lordy, do I need to catch up on LJ reading! This weekend was spent with many of project, but with minimal computer time. Trust me, I have plans to catch up on everyone’s “doin’s” as soon as possible! *grin*


In the meantime, a couple of project with pictures today: You will probably be happy to see my eschew my normal mode of separating posts by subject (gosh, I know that the tags will track it all for me…but the OCD makes it hard to not make a separate entry for each specific project type…*rolls eyes*). Anywho, on to the gardening and blackpowder!


“This is how I spent my weekend.” )



Mail Call

Apr. 16th, 2009 08:15 am
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Two packets expected in the mail today; one from Jas Townsend, full of their lovely woolen socks (I really need to learn to knit!) and the other from our friend [livejournal.com profile] amatilda and her hubby (of  Legendary Costume Works) with our leather bandoleers/shot pouches...I have been forwarned that the leather bits are highly '*squeee* worthy' and that I may wish to don a spare set of undies before opening the package....


I finalized the embroidery on the hubby's new shirt last night - he's really worried that it is "too fancy" for a soldier and I had to point out that the embroidery stitch and drawn work were a very simple pattern and didn't scream money. I know he'll be happy to wear it; I just don't want him to be self-conscious about it since he is very concerned with maintaining a 'simple soldier' image. I think the shirt is simple by the standards of the worked shirts of the period, but fancy by the standards of most landsknecht reeneactors. *herm....*

Anywho, once the embroidery was complete I stayed up (until around 1:15 AM) putting the loops on our lean-to/tent tarp for this weekend. It's more of a wind-and-sun block than a tent - but that is all we need!  Hubby had made up the necessary stakes and will be finalizing the uprights today. The whole bundle (including ground cloth and three wool blankets) will be packed into a rough 'back-pack' to be hiked in.

I am really happy with how portable our overall set-up for SRS will be this year!


But I am getting too old for this "no sleep" shit....*grin*

Edit: Peeectures! )
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It's a gun! )I was happily surprised to find that Dale loved the cording I had done on the powderflasks and cartridges: I may even get to make him a set for his ECW stuff (happy to trade for more of his work!). We dropped the down payment check on the hubby's gun without a blink. These are *seriously* works of art!

*happy dance!*

Now I just have to reconcile myself to the fact that hubby will be shooting it first...*le sigh* He has WAY more time with matchlocks than I do, and I don't have 'boy clothes' for this coming weekend (not much of the 'cross dresser' anyway...*meh*). But I do plan on finagling some range time this weekend....somehow!

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*deep breath*



We're meeting Dale Shinn and his wife this evening to take delivery.

Woo hoo!
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For those who are keeping score, I have *no idea* what number this post is in the series on black-powder cord making. However, I can tell you (*crosses fingers*) that this is the last post on the cords for the powder horns. OK, it's the last post until hubby makes the screwdriver/vent pick tools and I have to figure out how to mount them on their leashes...

Anyway, here's were I left the progress last time. I wasn't really 100% thrilled with the way my powder horn strap had turned out (mostly because it wasn't long enough), but I had determined that I was *not* going to cut it off and remake it!

I lied... )
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Got a hankering to tinker with the leash for the blackpowder horn this afternoon.

Still need to make some tassels and a couple of "tool loops", but you get the idea. The two big black "knots" are large covered wooden beads. The strap is an eight loop 'lace bend' and the tassel cords are three loop braids (I 'added' an extra loop so that I had nine loops at the ends to work these with).

I am going to pick up some more bone beads to add to the ends of the tassel cords before the tassels go on. I am pretty pleased with the results!
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So I had a little time this morning to play around with the beads I bought for the bandoleer lace project. The results make me *smile*! )

Happy dance: Now I just need to get the leather bandoleer portion and I can start putting these together!
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Alrighty, I have a goodly handle on how I will be making the cord for the powder flasks, and hope to sit down shortly and being work on this project in earnest soon (only a trip to the fabric store stands between me and action!). I will be working out some details on how those cords will be ending in the next few days…but that brings me to another blackpowder related cording project… 

Questions about how to finish my cords...with a lot of interim dialogue... )
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We’re slowly by surely getting our gear together for the upcoming School of the Renaissance Solder (April 17th – 19th at Camp Tamarancho). Since the powderflasks are here and are ready to get finished, I need to start formulating my plan for their cording. I am gathering a few images together from the various sources I have found to try and get an idea of what cording style I should use.

Cut for those who have no interest in pictures of rope….*grin* )

I can fingerloop, lucet and card-weave: However, I am not sure that the cords in the images above were produced with any of these methods – at least I have never managed to make a cord of that size, using thread/yarn elements that small. The cords made via Kumihimo seem to look more like the ones in the images, but what technique did Europeans use at this point in time that produced a cord of such thickness? 

My initial thought is that I should card-weave a band about 1” – 1.5”, I could then stitch it into a cord (either around a core of an alternate material or not). This would leave me plenty of ‘tail strands’ to make the various fringe and tassel hangers that the images show. Then again, almost any cord weaving technique using multiple strands will do the same. 


Anyone out there have any suggested techniques?

Of course, once I am done with this cording I will be starting on cording for the cartridges...
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Oh my Gawd, oh my Gawd, oh my Gawd!

So, hubby and I headed out to Mo-lesto (Modesto) this weekend and met with our gunsmith to pick up our powder horns. It turns out, no one has ever asked Dale to make this style of horn before. How do you think he did?

Personally, I just about peed my pants when I saw these... )

Dale is starting on my gun this week. *does a happy dance*
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We had a nice Sunday up visiting with folks at the Renaissance Symposium, where we met up with our gunsmith and got our powder flasks. The pictures I took of the flasks were *horrible*, so I will need to post new images later, but we also got a chance to check out some of Dale's original bullet casting equipment.

Cut for those who don't need to see cool pictures of 16th C bullet molds... )
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I am blessed with an abundance of friends and acquaintances who posses terrific resources and are often happy to share them with a poor traveler on the information super highway.

(”I just need to ask for $.50 of info so I can fill up my knowledge tank and be on my way. Really, my husband and our three small, data starved kids are right around the corner waiting for me.”)

Into my recent “blackpowder blog” vacuum stepped a number of folks to lend a hand. This mornings e-mail held a treat from a dear friend who got a chance to head to Germany not-so-long ago and took some pictures for us smoke junkies while he was there. So, without further ado, photos by ScottM:

Originally uploaded by Scott M

Bandolier (detail)
Originally uploaded by Scott M

Match Holder
Originally uploaded by
Scott M

I showed these to the hubby over lunch and he thought they were very cool - it was nice to start seeing that the differences of opinion we appeared to be having in the cord length for hanging these (and the style of cord stringing, i.e. "one cord for each bandoleer rather than the complicated set up's we've seen for ECW kits) aren't really so different. I think we will both be happy with the results.

I am heartily amused that the original cords are in black and gold. I was already planning on using bumblebee colors on my cords. *grin*

Now I am trying to decide just how "fancy" I want my fancy kit to be. *chuckle* We have the leather bandoleers already commissioned, but I may see if I can add some "fringe" to the edges of mine (I am sure I can manage this one way or another). The lions heads are also a major temptation. *snerk*

But I have to be honest, the thing that is pulling me the most right now is the leather covering on the cartridges and the *ÜBER* match holder.

I think I could get one of those from Dale...
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So last week I was musing about the composition of pre-English Civil War bandoleers in Germany. I have yet to check in with[info]kass_rants friend in England (my bad!), but I did stumble across the following items while strolling through the updated bildindex. The following items are a part of this search string, feel free to check around in there yourself for goodies!

Orte/Deutchland/Dresden/Sammlungen1/Historische Museum/Kunstgewerbe/Waffen/Feuerwaffen...

Because not everyone is a blackpowder monkey... )

It is such a blast digging around on that website!


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The hubby and I are currently waiting on two guns from master gunsmith, Dale Shinn. For those who aren’t familiar with Dale: This is a man who makes everything on his guns, down to the springs. He does not make his own barrels, because he has them professionally cast for safety reasons. Dale’s guns look like they were just picked up out of a museum case – and some of his pieces are actually *in* museum cases.
*doing a little dance of glee at the thought of owning one*


Needless to say, there is a waiting list (I actually got on that list before my husband and I got together), but we are slowly approaching our project completion date at last! With any luck, Dale won't get in any more car accidents between now and then! *knocks on wood*


The pieces we are getting are as follows:


1)      2 sets of brass cartridges (10 each)

2)      2 “doughnut” German powder flasks (each with it's own set of decorations)

3)      1 brass-barreled octagonal-to-round button lock

4)      1 steel-barreled matchlock with 'brass knuckles' sear guard


The cartridges are one-of-a-kind pieces, based on both safety and Dale’s knowledge of the period. They are *not* the standard ECW wooden cartridges (also called apostles by some). We don’t do ECW, we do 16th C; early 16th C.




A lot of folks doing early period still get the ECW cartridges because a) there is nothing out there on the market that is closer to period, b) the ECW cartridges work and have been field tested extensively, c) they are safe, d) they are easy to keep track of and e) they are conveniently tied together to keep them from loosing pieces.


Now to be honest, the cartridges we are getting are a ‘hybrid’ rather than a “straight out of the woodcut” reproduction of German black-powder storage vessels. 


The caps will not be attached *directly* to the bandoleer in the manner that the 16th C versions seem to - for both safety considerations, and because the later period ‘stringers’ help you to keep track of empty vs. full cartridges and prevent loss of caps/bases. They also have a bit of a 'flare' to their bases. I am not honestly sure where Dale got this from, but I like it and I trust his research (he's been doing guns for about 40 years after all...).


Right now, the cartridges are the only piece of the order we have in hand. We are hoping to see the leather smiths who will be helping us out with the bandoleer/patch pouch production this weekend.

That being the case, I want to organize some thoughts on these leather bits of our kit.


Namely, hubby is insistent that we have to have patch pouches, and I can’t find evidence of them in any images of gunners from the 16th C.!


Here is what I have found that *may* be a patch pouch…



Lower right hand corner, under the powder horn; I can’t tell what it is attached to, or how the horn is attached to it. But that is the *first* pouch I have seen in relation to any black-powder item from the period.


So, my current plan is to get a thin leather bandoleer strap made, with a small pouch like this one at the joint in the strap/over my hip. My ‘doughnut’ powder flask can be tied to the same point, and I’ll end up with something similar to the arrangement in the Bildindex image.


Then again, if anyone has any *other* images of leather black-powder gear from this period that they would like to share that may change my mind…feel free!

On another note, hubby had indicated that at least a couple of the cartridges from the 10 cartridge sets should be hung on the 'back side' of the bandoleer. However, I am not sure I have seen this in 16th C German images. I know that there was a detail shot of a large color painting that showed the back of some

Harquebusiers...anyone know where that is?

From the ECW era:

Of course, the casual shooting scenes I have don't show ANY kit except the guns...*le sigh*


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