Jul. 8th, 2013

hsifeng: (*Arrrrrrrr!* Sewing Pyrate!)
You know that thing you do, that thing where you plan to Sew All The Costumes and Wear All The Things....

And then you procrastinate. A bit.

Or maybe a lot.

And then THE EVENT looms. Ack!

In the past I have waited until the very last minute (or close enough) and then performed acts of sewing miracles in order to produce a wearable garment. This applies ONLY to costume events outside of my normal period (the 16th C) and only to costumes that I am sewing for myself. The cobblers kids and all that.*

Last year for CoCo this was solved by the plan to rent a tux for Gala. Timetable you say? What is that?

"Please sirs, take this grubby money and make me look swagalicious!"

This year, not so much.

I find myself with a list of things to do. And what is worse, a list that includes things FOR OTHER PEOPLE. And that means my procrastination period ended this past weekend with the development of lists and timetables and meet-up schedules. It may have also introduced a pet-ulcer, but I don't know yet. *snerk*

Will I be blogging about any of this, that remains to be seen. I may do so just vent and maintain my sanity if nothing else.


See you on the other side, in something fabulous! :D

*I rarely screw around when sewing for other people, and the desire to procrastinate vs. real production timetables *may* be one of the reasons I tend to hate taking commissions of any kind. *shrug*


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