Apr. 24th, 2013

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Having spent every spare minute not at work, the gym, or the Craft Room Of Doom (thank YOU for kicking my creative ass, School of the Renaissance Solder!), I have been somewhat....*cough* remiss (?) in posting my workouts here. My solution? I am going to simply post my dates and the bare bones record from the past couple of weeks.

If anyone really wants me to translate the Crossfitees (there really is a separate language for this stuff, I swear) then I will happily do so.

Also, double unders still suck.

Dear Corded Jump Rope - Please stop cracking me on the knuckles, causing my blood vessels to burst and my fingers to sausage up and be sore for two days. That sucks. Signed, No Love - Me.

Thursday, April 11th - Gym Run:
45 minutes at 6 mph.

Friday, April 12th - Crossfit:
The WOD was straight pull ups (I don't know how to Kipling these properly yet) - so harder for each rep. My Met-Con 4RFT (four reps for time) rocked with me doing *more weight* than necessary on the Medicine Ball (MB) Cleans because they were all out of the 14 kg balls - so I used a 16 kg ball instead. Go Me!
April 12 - Crossfit Board

WOD - 15 straight pull ups (no assist)
Front Squats/Rope - didn't record my kg's but I recall I was helping out a new lifter so I am sure the weight was light
Met-Con (4RFT): 12:03 minutes with EXTRA WEIGHT! W00T! 16kg KBS / 16kg MB Cleans

Saturday, April 13th - Gym Run & Yoga:
30 minutes at 6 mph + 1.5 hours of Hatha with Mary! :D

Monday, April 15th - Gym Run & Yoga:
30 minutes at 6 mph + 1.5 hours of Hatha...

Tuesday, April 16th - Crossfit:
Again, I need to learn how to do Kipling pull ups. *sigh* Honestly, straight pulls are harder (so I should stop judging myself for not hitting numbers as high as other folks).
April 16 - Crossfit Board

WOD - 28 pistols squats (mod to a 13" box)
Squat Cleans/Levers - 40 kgs on the squats, the levers are a body weight core exercise that my yoga-fu helped me conquer. :)
Met-Con ("Nichole" - 20 min AMRAP): I managed 7 rounds (1.75 miles) with 62 straight pull ups using the 1" orange band for assist

Wednesday, April 17th - Crossfit:
Add 'Grasshoppers' to the list of 'Mountain Climber-esque' moves that are a PITA. *chuckle*
April 17 - Crossfit Board

WOD - 73 grasshoppers
Front Squat - 70 kgs max on the squats; working with E made me kick all my lifts up a notch (because she kicks ass!)
Strict Press/Reverse Hypers - 35 kg max on presses, used a 8 kg med ball for extra weight on the reverse hypers
Met-Con (7 min AMRAP) - 3 rounds + 14 double unders (those bastards). I finished right on pace with E - *high fives self*

Thursday, April 18th - SRS Run:
5 miles in 39 minutes: 7.7 mph pace. Definitely up from my last run! Honestly, I don't expect to keep picking up pace, especially as the heat builds, but this is nice so far. :)

Friday, April 19th - Sunday, April 22nd:
Weekend was spent wearing wool in mid-level temperatures while running after men with water to ensure that they didn't go down from alcohol poisoning or heat exhaustion (when not drinking beer, napping or goofing off with friends). Hey, even I need a break sometimes! *chuckle*

Tuesday, April 23rd - Crossfit:
Apparently someone told the coaches that I took four days off and had to be punished accordingly. And I was. *ouch*
April 23 - Crossfit Board

WOD - 37 overhead squats (OHS)
40 Minutes In Hell (as opposed to 10 Minutes In Heaven - which I believe is a game I would have preferred) - OK, it didn't take me 40 minutes to finish this beast, it took 24:22 minutes. Second lady/person in, with the following mods: Hand stand push ups (HSPU) from weight bar - this is my standard method until I can actually do a *real* HSPU; Pull ups using a 2" gray band for assist; Double unders consisted of 100 attempts and then 200 single unders - because honestly my hands and shins couldn't take getting whacked any more.

And seriously, who thinks doing a run with a weight plate is a good idea? For future reference, I would use a kettle bell given the chance again. 


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