Apr. 11th, 2013

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*chuckle* No, not seriously...

(Answer: 15 minutes of un-weighted squats - what? It was right there on the internet! *grin*)

So the hubby and I went out last night with a friend and had a couple of beers. Darlin', let me tell you that nothing makes you a cheap date like having reduced your overall alcohol intake and then going out for a couple of pints on after Crossfit and a light dinner. Whoa! Who spiked my Newcastle?

(Answer: No one. You idiot. Eat more and drink less! *snerk*)

Anyway, this may explain why the beer hit me harder than normal -

Wednesday, April 10th - Crossfit:
April 10 - Crossfit Board

1 Minute WOD (Workout of the Day): Paralette Shoot-Throughs. I used the mid-sized paralettes (mini hurdles that we also use for L-sits and whatnot). I have seen this exercise done before, but have never done it myself. Day-am. I managed 48 reps in the minute, and according to E my form was spot-on almost through the entire exercise. I can see how the 'back' position is hard for folks to judge their own work in, since you can't really see what you look like in that spot. But no one really has an excuse for messing up the front position unless they are just dog tired (which I can totally see by the end of this thing).

Strength Training: Snatch. This was two different snatch series, both done in a timed manner. The first one I completed with 25 kg throughout on the bar, the second with 30 kg throughout. In the first series, you complete one snatch every 20 seconds for 4 minutes, for a total of 12 snatches altogether. In the second series, you complete one snatch Every Minute On Minute (EMOM) for 8 minutes, for a total of 8 snatches (at the higher weight).  I got to really work on my form in these, although I still think my lift needs to be more consistent and I know I am muscling the weight with my arms too much (the idea is that the momentum of the 'shrug' and jump move the bar, and that you move UNDER it rather than lifting it OVER).

Met-Con: We did the following series for time and I can tell that the summer is on it's way because the run portions were harder than normal in the lovely Spring sunshine. *makes a face* My final time was 14:01 minutes, but I didn't complete the entire series in the proscribed (Rx) manner and let my ego take over with the time factor. Honestly, I need to try to complete with Rx next time since the TIME is less important than the EFFORT. *sigh*
800 m run
50 sit ups (touch floor behind head, touch feet - each rep)
25 Hand Release Push-Ups
400 m run

50 sit ups (touch floor behind head, touch feet - each rep)
25 Hand Release Push-Ups (did the first 10 Rx and then moved to my knees for the final 15 - *gah!*)
800 m run

One of the guys who is a regular at the gym was pretty much on pace with me the whole time. Hilariously enough, on our way back from the last 800 m he was just a little behind me and I suddenly got that old 'Running Event' tickle, were you know someone is about to kick and try to pass you for the finish. We were still about 200 m out (with a corner and warehouse interior to navigate to get to the actual finish still). And I am a bastard. So, I lengthened my stride just a bit and increased my turn-over enough that I felt like I was pushing pace rather than coasting again.

I wasn't even sure he was trying to pass me. *eye roll*

After we were all done, I was mentioning my hi-jinks to E when the guy walked up and said, "Hey! I almost caught you on that last run!" "At about the 200 m mark?", I asked. He grinned. I said, "I knew it! So...I kicked a little. Sorry..." He just laughed and said he was going to catch me next time.

Sure buddy. Sure you are. ;)

Hence, celebratory beer! :D

Appropriate Icon Is Appropriate.

Tuesday, April 9th - Crossfit:
April 9 - Crossfit Board

1 Minute WOD (Workout of the Day): Box Jumps. I did 34 of these in my minute at the proscribed height of 20". I was also super excited to finally harass, coerce, bully encourage N to actually *do* the jumps, rather than using the step-up alternative. She had a bit of 'face plant' phobia (ie "What Happens If I Miss A Jump?"), so we got her a 12" platform to start out, and she quickly changed that out for an 18" one once she got the feel for it. Hooray for progress on conquering fears! :D

Strength Training (Super-Set): Single Leg Bulgarians/Hand Stand Push-Ups (HSPU): The Bulgarians ended up being at 20 kg and I am pretty sure I could manage more. Alternatively, I could use a higher platform (I used the 4" lip on the weight lifting stations), as a higher location for the back leg = harder set. Since I don't have my max-weight yet, I did all sets at the 20 kg weight. My HSPU's were done on the 24" box, and G and I mutually decided to push ourselves by doing sets of 10 and 15 rather than 8. So the workout looked like this:
Bulgarians (R & L/each): 8 reps
HSPU: 10 reps
Bulgarians (R & L/each): 6 reps
HSPU: 10 reps
Bulgarians (R & L/each): 6 reps
HSPU: 15 reps
Bulgarians (R & L/each): 6 reps
HSPU: 15 reps
Bulgarians (R & L/each): 6 reps

Met-Con: "Elizabeth" Not as big a PITA as her cousin, "Fran"; Elizabeth is still plenty of work. This was timed rotation of the following series. I used 29 kg on the bar for my cleans and a 2" assistance band on the ring dips. I got through it in 6:25 using a non-Rx weight. My arms, they clearly need some more work...
Squat Clean: 21 reps
Ring Dip: 21 reps

Squat Clean: 15 reps
Ring Dip: 15 reps
Squat Clean: 9 reps
Ring Dip: 9 reps

Monday, April 6th - Crosstrainer and Yoga:
Crosstrainer for 45 minutes (600 calories) followed by 1.5 hours of Hatha yoga. I love my yoga like BURNING.


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