Apr. 4th, 2013

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OK, so last night was a great little chance to 'post-up' with one of the younger ladies in my gym who regularly bests my performance. She did again last night, but I was *this close* to matching up with her. Despite a huge amount of muscle soreness, mind you. :D

Wednesday, April 3rd - Crossfit:
April 3 - Crossfit Board

1 Minute WOD (Workout of the Day): Kettlebell Swing (KBS). I did this with the proscribed (Rx) weight of 16 kg and got through at least 33 of them. To be honest, I lost count at the very end and may have done 35 (the goal I set in my head). Sometimes the effort, she wipes the brain cells out and the maths are gone too bye-bye land. *chuckle*

Strength Training (Super-Set): Zerchers/Toes-To-Ring (TTR). Ladies and gentlemen, I give you 'Zerchers'; perhaps the LAMEST strength move ever. OK, I get that this is to encourage the use of your core during squats, but the way the guys at the gym had us holding the bar (with elbows up, rather than down as in the vid link I included above) basically is an invitation to bruise the *crap* out of your biceps. Needless to say, I will be using the video's form if we do this again since the weights used to avoid bruising in the 'higher' position is basically a non-event for my legs in the squat. *sigh*

The super-set was 5 sets of 5 reps of the Zerchers, interspersed with 4 sets of 15 reps of TTR. I did 34 kg max on the Zerchers, and discovered the "Secret of the Rings"! Basically, there is one set of rings worth using at the gym: they are the second set from the end, they have texture which assists with grip (rather than just being rough), and with enough chalking My Hands Do Not Slip. I have always hated TTR's because the slippage of my hands makes these a total pain for my arms and shoulders *long* before my core gives up. With this problem solved, I don't think TTR's are going to be anywhere near as difficult in the future. YEAH! /does a little dance

Met-Con: This was a 10 minute As-Many-Reps-As-Possible (AMRAP) of the following series. I completed 6 full rounds, plus another round up to 3 pistol squats. I didn't do the Rx weight but I was close with 35kg. I also modified the pistols to a 18" box.
3 Hang Cleans
6 Split Jerks (alternating legs)
9 Pistol Squats - which I still HATE by the way... *sigh*

Amusingly, I ended up in a face-to-face work out with G, the challenging young lady I mentioned above, we even shared a box for the modified pistols. By the end of the 10 minutes we were both straining and grunting and struggling to not slow down (and give the other person the lead). We ended up finishing almost together, which is a great thing for G since she was doing the Rx weight the whole time.

I know that 4 kg more doesn't *sound* like much more weight - but trust me, it is.

Thursday, April 4th - SRC Group Run:

Last Week: 5 Miles/40 minutes = 7.5 mph pace
My goal is to keep the distance at 5 miles with a reasonable pace between 7 - 7.5 mph. It is supposed to be raining today, so we'll see where the day and the course take us. :D


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