Mar. 27th, 2013

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The answer is MANY.

My poor right arm still hasn't recovered from the striping it got *last week* when I was trying to do Double Unders (the actual stripe from the jump rope is gone, but the bruise is huge and vivid still on my upper arm). I added two more smaller stripes to my right elbow yesterday and managed to hit my knuckles so hard at one point that the middle joint on my left hand center finger is *still sore* today and the bruise from the broken blood vessel I gave myself on my right hand pointer finger still hasn't gone away.

Although the ginormous swollen blood vessel in my knuckle has mostly returned to normal size.

This was for the warm up folks. Not even into the session yet.

In good news, I think I may be actually making progress with Double Unders. Apparently beating myself black-and-blue is key in some way.

*eye roll*

Tuesday, March 26th- Crossfit:
March 26 - Board - Crossfit
The gym is still in 'form and technique' mode, but since I need these I am OK with it. It will be nice if tonight is more pace oriented though...

1 Minute WOD (Workout of the Day): GHD Sit Ups - so I did 25 of these, pretty firmly Middle Of The Pack. My back wasn't sure about this whole idea (because really, back-bend much anyone?) and I whacked my right forearm GOOD on the support bar about ten reps in (OWCH - and yes, another bruise). I am ambivalent about these as a WOD exercise, it just seems like there are too many opportunities to mess up your spine in the process of pushing your reps. *makes a face*

Back Squat/Medicine Ball (MB) V-Ups Complex: The first two sets of back squats (6 X 50% and 4 X 70%) were used as warm up. The next 3 sets of 4 reps at 80-85% were done in alternation with the MB V-ups. I topped out my squat at 50 kg, and could have done more but focused on getting my technique down rather than my weight up. The MB V-ups started with a 8 kg weight, but moved to a 6 kg weight when my form was lost. The manner that the V-up's was done in varied from the video in that each time you hit the top you passed the medicine ball from your hands to your feet, or back to your hands. A rep included two passes (so you ended up with the ball back in your hands again).

Strict Press/GHD Raises Complex: The first sets of press was used as warm up, but I ended up finding that it was my 75-80% weight for the number of sets and reps I was going to do, so I just used it as 'extra' at the beginning of the work. My weight for this exercise was 30 kg since strict presses are pretty much *all* arms and shoulders with almost no momentum helping you move the weight. The next 4 sets of 6 reps were done in alternation with the GHD Raises (an exercise that I still can't complete all 3 X 6 rounds of without assistance. I did learn that it is critical to make sure that the foot plate on the GHD machine is as close to your base as possible (leaving no room for 'toe pointing' to reach the plate; this prevents serious calf cramping!).  I got all the way through these with good form and a little less help that the first time I did the raises; plus there is at least one guy at my gym who is a MONSTER when it comes to Crossfit who couldn't even do a single one of these (then again, he had probably killed his legs earlier in the day/*shrug*).

Monday, March 25th: Pub Run! (Updated)

4 mile run achieved and I stuck with B & L the whole way! B says mile two was at 7:45/mph which is pretty much my high-end pace. The fact that I did this for such a duration, with some of the fastest ladies out there, makes me super happy! Needless to say, there was a pint at the end of the trail for a reward. ;)


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