Mar. 21st, 2013

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Tuesday, March 19th: Crossfit
Tuesday March 19 - Board

One Minute Workout (WOD): Knees-to-Elbows (K2E) - this version of the exercise was done hanging from the suspended rings. This makes it harder, and stressed my already annoyed left shoulder. It also seems like the rings that N and I were using were especially 'slippery', making grip endurance tougher. All in all, it sucked and I want to work on my grip strength for all ring exercises in general. *sigh* My total was only 12...

Thrusters/Sit Up Complex: This was done for 10 minutes, with 6 Thruster reps to complete in each minute, followed by 6 sit-ups. Whatever time was left over in each minute was 'rest' before the next period (minute) begins. I was done with all 10 rounds in aprox 30 seconds (for both Thrusters & sit ups) leaving about half of each minute for rest time. My weight was 29 kgs on the bar.

Met-Con: This was a 12 minute As-Many-Reps-As-Possible (AMRAP) of the following series. I completed 5 full rounds, plus another round up through 4 of the Pistols.
10 Kettlebell (KB) Snatches (Left Arm): 12 kg KB. The version we did was from the ground, rather than the hips.
10 Pistols* (5 each leg): Modified with use of medicine ball to catch bottom of each rep and 7 kg KB counterweight

10 Kettlebell (KB) Snatches (Right Arm): 12 kg KB
10 Double Unders**: Modified to 45 single-unders

*HOLY CRAP THESE ARE HARD! Need to work on the bottom end of these as I can only complete about 2 per leg unmodified before the whole thing falls apart. *makes a face*
**These are still not working for me, but they are getting better! Last night was the first time that I had success with multiple sets of these. :D

Wednesday, March 20th: Crossfit
Wednesday March 20 - Board

One Minute Workout (WOD): Alternating Lunges - Did a good job with this one, got 47 done in the one minute period (which I think was the women's record for the day!).

This was mostly a technique and power day. We worked on getting our form right and building strength with our lifts using the following complexes...

Hanging Squat Snatch with Overhead (4 Rnds/3 Reps)/GHD Machine 1/2 Sit Ups (3 Rnds/12 Reps): I did my snatch complex with 27 kg and my sit-ups with 10 kg plate added; the sit up is only to vertical and then back up to sitting. As with all complexes, you start and end with the first exercise, and use the second exercise as a 'spacer' in between.

Deadlift/Ring Dip: This was a little more complex as it was a series that built on weight for the deadlift exercises. The workout I did ended up looking like this -
Deadlift (6 reps @ 60%): 40 kg
Ring Dip: 1.5" band for assist
Deadlift (5 reps @ 70%): 52 kg
Ring Dip: 1.5" band for assist
Deadlift (5 reps @ 80-85%): 65 kg
Ring Dip: 1.5" band for assist
Deadlift (5 reps @ 80-85%): 65 kg
Deadlift (5 reps @ 80-85%): 65 kg

Damage Log: My left shoulder has been twingie for the past few days so I am keeping an eye on it. Having talked to my personal EMT (C) I know what to look out for. Part of the issue is my form in my snatch and overhead lifts so I need to talk to the kids a the gym about how to correct this. Also, I need to get some wrist wraps to help protect my wrists and forearms from being strained. 


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