Mar. 19th, 2013

hsifeng: (Exercise - The Poor Man's Plasic Surgery)
Thursday was full of fail, with an unfamiliar running route I ended up only doing 3 miles. But I will be more prepared next time and get my 5 miles in!

Friday, March 15th: Crossfit

Friday 3-15-13 Crossfit Board

One Minute Workout (WOD): Plank hold for time. I managed to hold for 2:22 - and E says anything over 1 minute means we have to do this with one leg next time. *sigh* I think I actually held my plank for longer last time, just wasn't feeling it this evening.

3 Rounds For Time (RFT): Do these things as fast as you can... And I did. My time beat all the ladies who had done this up to the point of my class (26:33).
800 meter run
50 Push Ups (hand-release style: H/R)
500 meter row on the machine

Cash-Out: Do this series through twice, each exercise in sequence for a total of two sets of each.
2 X Rope Climb. I made it to the mark both times with no problem. Need to work on my decent technique though (rope burn HURTS).
2 X Overhead (O/H) Lunges. Did this with the 15 kg proscribed weight. Not really that hard...
2 X Toes-to-Bar (T2B). DID THIS Rx! I hate these damn things and am pretty proud that I made it through after a beast of a workout. :D

Saturday, March 16th: Yoga & Run
Hatha yoga with Yoga Mary for 1.5 hours followed by an easy 30 minute run with Netflix accompaniment. ;)

Sunday, March 17th: Dog Walk
Took the dog-o out to W Park for a 2 hour walk in the BEAUTIFUL sunshine! It was gorgeous out there and I cannot wait to get back out and do more hiking in the near future (next time picture - promise!).

Monday, March 18th: Yoga & Run
Hatha yoga with Yoga Mary for 1.5 hours preceded by a 30 minute crosstrainer session (low impact cardio) with Netflix accompaniment.


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