Mar. 14th, 2013

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So my sister and I took an extended trip to Vegas this past week. The Rio was lovely, our time together was terrific, there were many beautiful things to look at (like these - and yes, I mean in person), and we met an amazing group of women that we bonded with in record time.

All good!

Even better? Sis is just as nutty as I am about hitting the gym; so every morning we were up and out by 7:00 AM and spent an hour working out (cardio and weights) before hitting the steam room/sauna/jacuzzi for another 40 minutes or so. Between that and all the walking I didn't gain *any* weight in Vegas, despite drinking and eating pretty much whatever I felt like.

I came back on Monday morning and headed right back into my regular routine:

Monday, March 11th: Yoga
Hatha yoga with Yoga Mary for 1.5 hours. *Just* what I needed to ease back into the regular week. I find that a good meditative yoga session fends off a variety of ills including exhaustion, minor aches and pains, and sometimes even illness.

Tuesday, March 12h: Crossfit
Tuesday March 12th - Crossfit
1 Minute WOD (Workout of the Day): As many pull ups as you could do in a minute. I down-graded my assistance to a 1.5" rubber band (from a 2" band previously) and got a total of 20 pull ups clocked in. Not bad. Not great. But still, an improvement over the last time, I think (since that was before I started recording this data - which goes to show WHY I am recording this data...).

"DT" 5 Rounds (Timed): You know, like the detox shakes you get when coming down off of something. Yeah. This had a similar result. *chuckle* I did the whole set of exercises in 8:45 with 29 kg.
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Power Cleans - the proper order of the name ;)
12 Push Jerks

Cash Out:
Partner Sit-Up Throws - did this with N with the 8# medicine ball
Lateral Hurdle Jumps - I am fast with these!
GHD Raises - OUCH. OK, this shows where I have work do to on my hamstrings and back...damnit.

Wednesday, March 13th: Crossfit
Wednesday, March 13th - Crossfit
1 Minute WOD (Workout of the Day): Hip Extensions, which I do a great job with, but the move makes me loose count all the time. I completed somewhere around 55-58 but counted only to around 52. Next time I need to partner with N and have her count for me.

Olympic Lifts w/Interval Exercise: This was a 4/3 split series, starting and ending with lifts. I did my lifts with J, and she is a little monster when it comes to power! Our weight was 29 kg for all sets of lifts. The overall series looks like this -
Clean and Jerk (Split) X 3
Rolling U-Ups* X 10
Clean and Jerk (Split) X 3
Rolling U-Ups X 10
Clean and Jerk (Split) X 3
Rolling U-Ups X 10
Clean and Jerk (Split) X 3

*A "Rolling U-Up". Lay on the floor on your back with legs extended down and arms extended overhead. "U-up" in a V sit up position. Lower arms and legs to just off floor. Roll to your side, all the way over and end up on your back again. "U-up" in new location, roll back to original location in the same manner. Repeat. Each "U-up" counts as one rep.

Met-Con (10 min AMRAP): The goal is to do As Many Reps As Possible (AMRAP) of these exercises in this order in the time allotted. I did some heavy modification from the proscribed weights and positions. Just not that strong yet. In the end I did 6 full rounds plus all the way through the medicine ball exercise (8 reps) with the following mods.
5 Hand Stand Push Ups (HSPU) - from weight rack with feet overhead, so higher than in vid (not in full HS position)
8 Medicine Ball (MB) Cleans - full Rx of 14#
10 Kettle Bell Swings (KBS) - 16 kg weight (not 20 kg as proscribed); although I have to say the straight arm motion on the upswing in the demo vid is a good way to put yourself on your ass if you aren't careful.

Thursday, March 14th: Running
Tonight I am off for my regular Thursday fun-run with the local kids. I expect to do about 5 miles, pace is usually around 7 mph (we'll see how that holds up with almost two weeks since my last solid outdoor run). 


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