Feb. 26th, 2013

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Monday, February 25th - CrossFit:
Monday, 2/25/13 CrossFit

1 Minute WOD (Workout of the Day): Thrusters (36 reps -used the Rx weight of 15 kg)

Snatch Complex: each of the below done series for 7 reps total of 5 exercises each rep. Whole series done with 25 kg weight (I could do more, but I need to practice form before I blow out something trying to go all Princess of Power on this series. *chuckle*).

Snatch Grip Dead Lift (DL)
Hang Power Snatch
Hang Squat Snatch

Full Power Snatch
Full Squat Snatch

And then the Met-Con from hell... Death By Burpee Box Jumps. We did the exact series that is in the video. 1 rep in 1 minute, 2 reps in 1 minute, 3 reps in 1 minute, etc. No, I didn't use dumb bells. But I *did* set the highest total for speed/reps for the whole day for the ladies (topped out at 10 reps/min + 9 spares).

And here I thought nothing on this earth would make me hate burpees more. *chuckle*

Injury record: My knees were sore last night and I tweaked something from my elbow to forearm on the left side trying to recover the weight on a bad full power snatch. However, some heat on my knees (provided by both rice packs and kitties) and arnica jell + wrist brace on my left arm last night has lead to a day with nothing to report for ongoing pain issues.

So that means I can run with the dog-o tonight! :D


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