Feb. 25th, 2013

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OK, have to catch up on posts from last week. I will make these brief:

Friday, February 22nd - CrossFit:
Friday, 3/22/13 - CrossFit

1 Minute WOD (Workout of the Day): 400 m sprint (1:20 - ass kicking speed per the other times I saw on the board)
TABATA: each of the below done in 8 rep intervalls of 20 seconds work/10 seconds rest

Dumbell (DB) Clean & Jerk: 24 pounds
Overhead (O/H) Alternating Lunges: 15 kg plate held above head (Rx)
GHD Sit Ups: The trainer advised that I should do regular sit-ups rather than using the GHD machine as I am not familiar with that equipment and could end up hurting myself unintentionally. Of course, this just means I need to learn how to do this exercise on that machine later... ;)
Burpees: HOW I HATE THEE. *sigh*

The goal was to count our totals for each exercise over the eight reps, with the overall total being our final workout score for the day. My card worked out like this:

Dumbell (DB) Clean & Jerk: 36 reps (5-4 per set)

Overhead (O/H) Alternating Lunges: 66 reps (mostly 8 per set)

GHD Sit Ups: 89 reps

Burpees: 41 reps (mostly 5 per set)
TOTAL: 232

Not having to do the GHD's certainly helped me get my reps up by comparison to those who had to do the proscribed (Rx) workout; still, I am proud of my total for the day! :D

The cash-out of the day was Good Mornings and Kettlebell Rows. I did these with the ladies weight bar and a 12 kg KB.

Saturday, February 23rd - Run & Yoga:
Ran 30 minutes (6.5 mph/0 incline), Crosstrainer 10 minutes (5 resistance/5 step), Yoga *(Hatha) 1:30 hours.

Sunday, February 24th - Rest!:
And boy did I need it! ;)


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